Driving too warm can cost you a fine

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En una época del año como la que estamos viviendo ahora mismo, cuando las temperaturas han caído a unos niveles que podríamos calificar de gélidos y cuando nuestros coches pueden considerarse como auténticas neveras; es importante que tengamos claro donde están los límites a la hora de abrigarnos dentro del coche... y así ahorrarnos una multa: ¿hay un abrigo demasiado grueso para conducir?, ¿podemos utilizar guantes o botas de montaña?Conducir demasiado abrigado puede costarte una multa Conducir demasiado abrigado puede costarte una multa

Dangerous garments

The DGT recommends carrying appropriate garments to drive, with which we can comfortably operate the vehicle's controls.But there is no regulation that prohibits expressly wearing uncomfortable clothes when driving (...) or at least it does not specify which clothes is considered uncomfortable.However, every year we see how - for example - many people are fined for carrying flip flops in summer.

There are some precepts contemplated by Royal Decree 1428/2003 of the General Circulation Regulation, which in case of non -compliance are susceptible to sanction, if a traffic agent considers that we will not be able to adequately govern the vehicle and that, therefore, they facilitate that we saw uswrapped in an accident.

Conducir demasiado abrigado puede costarte una multa

Article 3.1 of the Royal Decree stipulates that “it should be conducted with the diligence and precaution necessary to avoid all damage, own or others, taking care not to endanger, both the same driver and the other occupants of the vehicle and the rest of the users of route".

And in article 18.1, it is also pointed out that “the driver of a vehicle is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movements, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, which guarantee their own safety, that of the rest of the occupants of the vehicle andthat of other road users ".

A coat or a jacket too thick, or some winter gloves, (...) can subtract mobility in the arms and hands, or interfere with the proper functioning of the seat belt;So using them while we are at the wheel, it can be inside the reckless driving interpretation...If determined by an agent.

And this above, you can also apply for footwear.In the same way that in summer the use of flip flops does not allow the pedals to be handled correctly...The mountain boots with a sole too wide, which brings together the pedals or that have elements likely to get hooked with the same, can also be susceptible to being considered "dangerous" by an agent.

How much can it cost us?

Driving without ensuring adequate freedom of movements and comfort when driving at the discretion of a traffic agent, a slight infraction is considered, so the sanction equals 80 euros (40 if we stick to the soon payment).Although in these cases, the agent must diligently specify the facts for which he considers that our behavior is negligent.

Driving too warm can cost you a fine
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