Florentino's roadmap to build the new Madrid without Zidane

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The first thing the president will do will sit down with Zidane, who has already reported that he will leave, and then appoint the new coach


Now it's Zinedine Zidane and real Madrid players, but in eight days it will be Florentino Pérez who assumes all the prominence in the most moved and complicated summer that is remembered in the White House."Remodeling, no revolution," said the president taking advantage of the presentcollective.We talked about finding the ideal relief, if it exists, Parazidane, which has already announced to the costumes that leaves, fix the cases of Ramos or Marcelo, the renewal of Lucas, the sale of Isco, the return of Bale, the signing ofHaaland or Mbappé...It is time to row the president of real Madrid.

The first, meeting with Zidane

Florentino Pérez insisted that Zinedine Zidane has a contract and that he trusted his continuity, but the reality is that they already know that the French coach leaves.Zizou told the costumes.The reality is that in the club they feared it, since they saw him symptoms of wear while refusing to say that he would be the real Madrid coach next season.However, there is still a pending talk and as soon as Laliga ends, the first thing the president will do will beRelay and announce goodbye.

Florentino trusted to convince the technician a third time if he decided to leave, but this time he knows that it is more complicated and that is why names begin to sound in the Valdebebas offices.Raúl, Allegri...and to a lesser extent Löw.With the march of Zidane, Florentino knows that he has to spin fine with the new coach, being Raúl the one who has most among fans and the great favorite to occupy the position.

The Ramos case, the next on the list

And as soon as Zidane's goodbye is resolved, he will play seriously with the Ramos case.The proposal continues on the captain's table, which does not finish seeing it clear.None yields and time ends.45 days are missing for Captain's contract to expire and Madrid prefers to have clear things as soon as possible to plan next season.Because the captain's march would not be any exit, although Zidane's goodbye facilitates a cycle change that could also continue with the captain's departure...

La hoja de ruta de Florentino para construir el nuevo Madrid sin Zidane

Madrid is closed to Alab.The Frenchman does not want to renew in the conditions offered by the white club and given the possibility of being free next summer, he does not rule out putting it on sale this summer.It seems unlikely that the two, Varane and Ramos, continue next season, breaking one of the best couples of centrals that Madrid has had throughout its history.

The renewal of Lucas and the exits of Isco and Marcelo

Florentino must also face the situation of three of the players who have given the most glory in Madrid in recent years.The situation of Lucas, Isco and Marcelo, three determining players in the three European Cups achieved between 206 and 2018, is right now is very delicate.The first, as Ramos, ends contract this summer and has not yet signed its contract extension.Isco and Marcelo still have a year of contract, but their situation is very different.While in the club they think that Lucas can still offer a good performance, the Spanish and Brazilian cycle is concluded.Because of its sports situation and economic cache, it is not about two simple operations, apart from the sentimental issue, since they are two players who have always had the esteem of the president and the club.Marcelo is the second captain and Isco already have eight seasons at the White Club.

Bale's brown and the Hazard case

Another case that is a headache for the white club is that of Gareth Bale, who returns this summer after his assignment to Tottenham.Although the player has uploaded his benefits in the last month, the English club does not consider his signing due to the high player of the player, which is around 17 million euros net.So the player will return to Valdebebas and with the idea of not being able to get his way out.Bale insists that his plan was to leave a single season and fulfill his contract with real Madrid, so he will play negotiating hard.

Another case is Hazard, for which offers will be studied...If they arrive.His sale is not among Madrid's priorities, but due to the economic situation of the club, all offers that arrive at Bernabéu will be valued, including those that arrive by the Belgian footballer, who has not lived up.

The signing of a galactic: Mbappé or Haaland

In the remodeling of Florentino Pérez, the arrival of a world -class player arrives a priority place.And there are only two candidates: Mbappé or Haaland.The Frenchman is the favorite of the club for everything he represents on and off the pitch.In Madrid they are sure that it is the player who can make a qualitative leap on the grass and in the economic field, but to face any of these two operations, all the operations described above must first square.

The renewal of Madrid is underway, planned and will start as soon as the season ends.And Florentino's idea is to execute all these plans regardless of what happens with LaLiga.Especially for the change of coach, which facilitates the change of cycle.

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Florentino's roadmap to build the new Madrid without Zidane
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