Furniture, structures and essential solutions to order each room of the house

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Hall with order solutions

From the hall to the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Each room in the house has some needs in terms of order and to keep it well organized, some of the ideas, furniture, solutions or structures that we show you here should not be missing. We give you the reasons, in addition to that inspiration so that the tidy solutions for the house are practical but decorative at the same time.

In the hall, the order is in charge of…

We start at the entrance to the house and from here, we go over the furniture and solutions that should not be missing in each room to keep it organized. In the hall, you must have a space to leave coats and place the keys as soon as you arrive. It is appreciated to have a space to "leave" everything when entering. Release what we carry in our hands. A coat rack or similar is essential (it can be a wardrobe or a bar with hangers). And if possible a shelf or light furniture. If it has a drawer you can leave the mobile charger or letters that you do not want to leave in sight. The sense of order will be greater, however it will be at hand.

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Spacious hallway with sideboard and modern coat rack

Clear halls

The wider the hall, the more possible it is to incorporate a somewhat bulky piece of furniture such as a sideboard or chest of drawers. You will also have that decorative part, since you can place a lamp and decoration on this piece of furniture. But look at this hall, large but not ornate. There is no lack of an original solution to maintain order with a wall coat rack that allows you to hang coats and let them remain semi-hidden behind the mirror front.

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Hallway with order solutions: wardrobe, bookcase and desk

The hallway can be a place to tidy up

There are corridors that, due to their width, lend themselves to hosting essential order solutions. A custom closet on one of the fronts is perfect. A linear design, with fronts that simulate a wall or with an opening that becomes a bench or support space. Also, a hallway is a good place to set up a workspace with a low-depth table and a shelf.

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Hallway with wooden doors and white cabinet

discreet large capacity

White is always a safe option to give amplitude and luminosity. In dark corridors, a good idea is to create a custom cabinet with white fronts with a backlit niche. It is the proposal of Coblonal Interiorisme in this house. This hallway solution allows neat storage and organization.

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Staircase with cupboard below

Under the stairs

Double-height floors or single-family houses with several floors, the stairs can be used to organize. The most common thing is that under the stairs itself there is a lost space and creating a custom closet will give you the capacity to store whatever you want, be it coats, sports equipment, books...

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Wooden bookcase with reading corner in front

A shelf or bookcase with different uses in the living room

Another essential piece of furniture to order in the living room is a shelf or bookcase. It is the most versatile because you can give it the use you need. With only open shelves for books and as an exhibitor for other elements, always with organization; or with closed compartments with doors or drawers to hide what is better not to be seen. The shelves offer endless design possibilities to also accommodate the television or not and adapt in style to the trend of the space.

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Bookshelf with TV in the living room

Light composition to order in the living room

Muebles, estructuras y soluciones imprescindibles para ordenar cada estancia de la casa

This is another proposal that cannot be missing from the list of essentials to maintain order at home. Specifically in the living room, a bookcase that is very different in style from the previously proposed proposal. It is very light, without a blind back or sides, with shelves, drawers and a central space for the television. It is a design of Olut.

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Bookshelf with desk

more than shelves

There are modular or custom systems that allow you to compose the design of a shelf as you prefer, not only in terms of the number of shelves or their combination with closed storage compartments, but also with other elements such as desks. This solution in the living room, with storage space and a continuous shelf as a table, is a proposal by the interior designer María Conesa with the Julia de Momocca shelf.

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Dining room with antique cupboard

In the dining room, essential to maintain order...

A sideboard or cabinet. It seems that in the dining room there is nothing to store, but it is not. And the plates, glasses, cutlery? You may only have one and it is in the kitchen, however, there are those who love kitchenware and have different models to set the table with charm at each meeting. In this case, a piece of furniture designed for this purpose comes in handy to order this environment: store and organize glassware and crockery.

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Interior of bar cabinet

And if you don't like cupboards...

And you prefer a more current order solution or according to the style of the dining room, another idea to organize is that the cupboard in the living room or the one that decorates the dining room is well organized inside to store what you need. Everything is hidden behind simple plain doors, but here the interior is a perfect bar cabinet for organizing bottles, glasses and other cocktail preparation utensils.

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Kitchen with shelves to organize

Order in the kitchen has to do with compartmentalizing

In order for kitchen furniture to solve storage needs well, they must have shelves installed at an ideal height depending on what you are going to store in that cabinet and solutions that compartmentalize. These divisions allow you to store by theme (pots, pans, food products, dishes, cooking supplies...) and keep everything in order. In addition, they facilitate access to what you save. And of course, kitchen designs can have other specific organizational proposals such as breakfast cabinets or open shelves by hand.

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Kitchen with little depth cabinet on the wall

Low-depth furniture

This idea to order the kitchen is also applicable to the dining room. There are cabinets with a reduced depth that are perfect for organizing items that are not very bulky, such as bottles and jars, cups and glasses. And so you can make the space profitable with pieces that are visually lighter, but that help you organize. Another advantage of this type of furniture to organize is that it can be installed on the wall without legs, so that its perception is also lighter.

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Laundry room with washer and dryer in closet

A must in kitchen, bathroom or in a laundry room

A cabinet to hide washer and dryer. It is increasingly common to take the washing machine out of the kitchen and take it to the bathroom, where this option allows you to hide the appliances and thus maintain the aesthetics. In a laundry room, well located in a room, in a space next to the kitchen, in a closed gallery..., it also creates unity and makes the space more comfortable and decorative.

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Niche bathroom with shelving above toilet

Order in the bathroom

In addition to the sink cabinet, there are other essential solutions to keep the bathroom organized. And one of them goes through the construction options such as niches. Depending on their size, they can integrate shelves, as in this case, a Deleite Design project. When there is a toilet with a built-in cistern in the bathroom, it is most likely that a low wall will be created or that, as here, there will be a space that can be used in depth above the cistern. But it is also practical to create a niche in the shower to organize the boats.

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Order in the bathroom: high-capacity column furniture

Column furniture

If the storage provided by the sink cabinet is not enough (which must be properly compartmentalized to keep the interior in order), install additional cabinets that can have the same or a different finish. Column-shaped cabinets have a large capacity. If you have a large family, allocate a shelf for each one. If they are 50 cm deep you can even store towels. On the contrary, in a cabinet with a reduced depth (maximum 30 cm), organize all kinds of jars and toothbrushes.

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Bench and bespoke shelving around the window

Around the window there is room

To maintain order in the bedroom, custom solutions will give you many opportunities. As an essential option, we can talk about taking advantage of the space that remains around the window. When there is no radiator (or if there is one with a customized design that allows heat to escape), distribute a sideboard, shoe rack or bench with storage and tall shelves or cabinets underneath. It will be a complement to store folded clothes, for example.

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Wooden headboard detail with storage space

Headboard with storage space

It can be a masonry headboard, made of plasterboard or brick, or wood. But taking advantage of the headboard to gain storage space can be the solution to the lack of space. A low design with niches and drawers or higher with cabinets with doors on each side of the bed and high on the wall (next to the ceiling).

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Mini walk-in closet with shelves and shelves

Well used dressing rooms

If your bedroom has a dressing room or you want to design one and you think the space is small, get inspired by this Nice Home Barcelona project that shows how it is possible to take advantage of a narrow area with different storage solutions. The result: a mini dressing room. Open shelves on one side (the absence of doors facilitates access when there is not much space) and small shelves on the opposite side to organize smaller accessories in boxes.

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Children's room with shelves

Many shelves in the children's room

The little ones accumulate many toys in their rooms. So as an essential piece of furniture to maintain order in this room, it is a low cabinet with shelves. In them you can place baskets and boxes. Also solutions with large drawers or dressers, which allow you to organize bulky dolls or construction pieces. Being a low cabinet has the advantage that children reach the toys by themselves and leave an upper part as a "lid" in which you can also organize things and decorate.

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Children's room with folding desk and shelves for stories

Folding order solutions (seen and unseen)

Another idea that helps you keep a children's room organized (also youth bedrooms) is to decorate or equip with folding furniture. These allow you to have that piece of furniture in question but not take up too much space when not in use. So the room feels more clear. Here a light folding table. And next to it, shelves with sides that allow you to organize books and stories without them falling over.

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