Getxo will make it easier to convert auction into homes and cover school courts

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Getxo's General Urban Management Plan (PGOU) is obsolete. Yesterday's plenary session gave final approval to six amendments in order to 'soften' and 'speed up' urban norms in the face of 'social and collective demands'. This was admitted by Urbanismo, Iñaki Urkitza, after pointing out that "the new models of life require flexibility in housing, sports equipment and hotels".

And all because until now the regulations complicated such basic issues as the simple installation of a clothesline. The same was true of other more sophisticated issues, such as the transformation of a auction into a flat, different uses of underground garages or allowing a school to cover a sports track. The modifications change the panorama with the aim of building more on the urban floor and expediting the lengthy previous processes that delayed the effectiveness of the Planning Office.

From now on, if one building is demolished to build another, it will not be necessary to present a detailed study. Something that "will not reduce cultural protection controls," they argue from the local government, while part of the opposition questions it. Adaptation of indoor and ground floor spaces for housing will also be facilitated. This will make it possible to enable the auctions as floors, which can have a positive impact on areas such as the old Golf, where there are many unused premises.

Getxo facilitará convertir lonjas en viviendas y cubrir canchas escolares

The changes they gave the green light include being able to cover the sports fields-something the schools were demanding. They also allow for the improvement of low-floor spaces in hotel buildings, which can now be used if they comply with safety and accessibility regulations. Despite these changes, the opposition called on the municipal government-made up of PNV and PSE-to speed up the revision of the PGOU.


Especially critical was Bildu's spokesperson, Nerea Guijarrubia, because she believes that there is no progress in the remodeling phase of a General Plan dating back to 2001 and that it is "more than 11 years behind" in its implementation. That is why she said that the approved changes-with some of which I agreed and others did not-were nothing more than "one-off modifications made as a kill jump and as a headless chicken".

The coalition voted against, while PP and Elkarrekin-we abstained. The building of the purple formation, Carolina Uribe, pointed out that "these modifications give us the feeling that they are like patches. We want the approval of the PGOU, "he said. Nor did the popular spokesman, Eduardo Andrade, hesitate to give the local government a "ear pull" because of the delay in amending the General Plan. "

Andrade proposed changing the rules regarding terraces and asked them not to compute "as part of the house built." but his proposal was rejected.



Getxo will make it easier to convert auction into homes and cover school courts
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