Hair trends 2021: the ultimate guide to hairstyles, cuts and colors

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As you may have seen, especially if you are a constant user of social networks, there are so many hair trends that it is difficult to clarify. From the pink dye of Laura Escanes, through the blue of Hilary Duff and even the most drastic cuts in the mullet style or the high bows of Asian inspiration. However, we could say that this falls more into the category of microtrends but that there are 10 new styles that are much more powerful that you should take note of. Take note of the easy haircuts, highlights, dyes and hairstyles that are coming into force in 2021 and that you are going to look very glamorous this spring.

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Long 90s style bangs

It can be said that 2021 is going to be the year of bangs because, since the end of the previous year, new styles have not stopped emerging. We owe the last one to Rihanna who, in this campaign photo, appears with long 90s-style bangs that everyone has fallen in love with and that, without a doubt, has come to be a trend. Eduardo Sánchez, from the Maison Eduardo Sánchez in Madrid, gives us the keys: "It is ideal for those who want a rock style and at the same time very feminine. One of its great advantages is that, being very long, it is then easy to let it grow into long layers," he says. In addition, the expert assures how much it favors girls with slightly angular oval or elongated faces.

curtain bangs

Very similar (but not the same) is the curtain fringe to which celebrities such as Gigi Hadid or María Pombo have already surrendered. But how to order it at the hairdresser? An expert clears up your doubts: "The length should remain below the dinner, slightly open comb in the center in the form of an inverted 'vee' and slightly integrate the lengths with the rest of the hair", says Fran Galán, from TBC Hair . In addition, the stylist adds that you can order it blunt for a more casual look. "It's very versatile and highlights the cheekbones" and is perfect for square and round faces.

'Bronde' coloring

Forget the blonde because this 2021 all the celebrities surrender to the different brown derivatives. The last two to do so have been Cara Delevingne and Hailey Bieber who, in their case, have shed yellow in favor of what is known as bronde. As defined by Eduardo Sánchez, it is a "camouflage effect of the wicks for a natural hair result. The warm tones combine very well with the sunny seasons. It is perfect for brunettes who want to flirt with blonde or for transitions to blonde hair. more clear". However, the expert also recommends it for blonde or light brown girls looking for volume and dimension.

long layers

Tendencias de pelo 2021: la guía definitiva en peinados, corte y color

Also known as the "late-Rachel cut," Jennifer Aniston-esque layered hair from recent seasons of Friends is the most in-demand right now. Diana Daureo, however, differentiates both: "The 2021 technique is much more than a nineties parade. It is a more subtle layering to the eye but with many added advantages at the level of sculpting the hair," she says. "The layers provide extra volume in very straight hair and adapt to each type of face." In this last sense, consult with your stylist what type of layers suit you best and hit it squarely.

Highlights 'Moussy Hair'

Moussy -from the English shy or subtle- is the new technique that superstars like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian already wear, but what does it consist of? It is a "soft and discreet lighting effect that seeks naturalness in the hair and enhances the natural color," says Pol Sollami, CEO of the Capeli salon in Madrid. "A true 'sun-kissed' effect [...] It is a very discreet strand-by-strand technique that imperceptibly, but substantially, modifies the color from roots to ends," he clarifies. In addition, classic brown is a trend and, thus, you can wear it without losing touches of light and dimension.

waves of all kinds

One more year, straight hair loses strength in favor of waves and curls. Best of all, they come in all kinds (bigger, more defined, surfer style, afro, eighties...) and most of them are achievable without the use of heat tools. Negin, for example, wears them with a belt from a bathrobe and they look so cute on her.

Mid length hair

Neither short nor long: midi. The reign of the half-length hair is once again being noticed and, luckily for its prescribers, it is always a success. This has been confirmed by Rogelaine Image & Lifestyle: "It is ideal for people who prefer traditional cuts and do not want to risk too much. The midi length is a simple but successful option. There are variations to adapt it, making it flatter different types of face. ". In other words, it is universal and if you were thinking of going for a mid-length, this is your sign.

Mini braids or 'baby braids'

There are also super trend hairstyles this 2021 and one of the most notorious is, without a doubt, that of the tiny braids on both sides of the face. Margot Robbie wore them first in Cannes and, now, even Ester Expósito has surrendered to them. Also known as baby braids, Victor García, SEO of his own salon, ensures that it looks good on all types of hair: long, short, curly, straight... "They are twist or loose rope braids in the area of ​​​​the front birth " intended to frame your face and give you a very hippy seventies air.

Collarbone Cut

The 2021 bob is called a collarbone, and it's exactly what Kaia Gerber is wearing here. Actually, it is a classic bob except that, in this case, it has to be flush with the collarbone. "It frames the face and allows you to play with details to get the most out of it according to the characteristics of each person. The key is simplicity, rounded ends and a few layers if you need volume," explains Gonzalo Zarauta, hairdresser and image consultant. In addition, the expert recommends his ideal partner, "a straight fringe up to the eyebrows."

Brown with ash undertones

As you already know, brown is the favorite color of celebrities this year and, of course, it allows variations. One of them is to add ash nuances as you can see perfectly in this photo of Kylie Jenner. "This connection between light and dark cool tones, also known as mushroom, gains density and dimension," says hairdresser José García.

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Hair trends 2021: the ultimate guide to hairstyles, cuts and colors
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