Heart 'Athflow': The trend that advocates to wear ‘chic’ clothing 'sport'

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ATHFLOW: The trend that advises to wear ‘chic’ 'sport' clothes.Instagram

The fashion style

The new normality has promoted that sportswear acquire the 'casual' and 'chic' label creating one of the most followed fashions of the moment.

21 abril, 202101:49
Marina Vázquez

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Athflow, the word that arises from joining the terms Flow and Athleisure, is one of the styles promoted by new normality and that, little by little, has been consolidating in all cabinets.Wide pants, fluid monkeys and lazy sets are only examples of garments that, unquestionably, have gained prominence in day -to -day outfits.In fact, this trend has managed to establish itself as one of the most followed and viewed fashions in the fashion panorama, transferring the doors of the home and conquering Street Style himself.

The term comfy has become one of the most wanted and desired labels in new clothing collections.In fact, renowned textile firms such asZara andMango have enhanced the creation of this style of clothing;promoting it.

Corazón 'Athflow': la tendencia que aboga por lucir ‘chic’ la ropa 'sport'

The New Comfort collection of the Amancio Ortega flagship (85 years), which premiered last year, has taken new designs, designed for the new season that follows the new textile preferences.For example, orange tones, which have taken relevance on the catwalks, stand out being suitable for the most daring.Of course, they are also available in other chromatic ranges such as the classic black or traditional raw white.

'New Comfort' is the line thatZara devised to follow this trend that is conquering the 'Street Style'.Zara

Thus, for example, in their catalog predominate Crops sweatshirts, classic cord pants and sports shoes.In fact, one of its star garments is this high -shot pants (17.95 euros) with adjustable elastic waist and pockets that are available in five other shades and, also, this high -shot short (19.95 euros) with designBicolor in pink and white tones.

On the other hand, Isak Andic's reference firm (68) devised the Comfy Collection itself with baggy garments that already incorporate designs designed for day to day with cotton jackets or Crop sweatshirts, ideal for the time of halftime.

On the other hand,Mango devised 'Comfy Collection' following this same trend.Mango

In the 'street style'

Esta nueva moda, ha sido secundada por múltiples rostros conocidos como la modelo Gigi Hadid (25), conocida por seguir e instaurar nuevas tendencias estilísticas compartía esta idea de outfit monocromático en suInstagram, conformado por dos prendas deportivas, un pantalón largo y una camisa blanca, a las que incluyó alguna joya brindándole la etiqueta flow.

Even Kaia Gerber (19), the well -known and imitated daughter of Cindy Crawford (55), has dared with this combined trend a sweatshirt with tight short meshes reaping multiple positive responses and consolidating this new style trend of style.

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Heart 'Athflow': The trend that advocates to wear ‘chic’ clothing 'sport'
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