Heart Giorgio Armani's garden and Diesel's dream city reign in Milan

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Giorgio Armani's garden and Diesel's dream city reign supreme in Milan.


The designers present their new collections for the next men's season following the Ibizan style and consolidating the vest as a trend.

June 23, 202110:29

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The face-to-face show of Giorgio Armani (86 years old), with a garden in the background, and the video presentation of Diésel, with a set design that combined urban spaces with dreamlike environments, reigned today at the Milan Men's Fashion Week. Armani presented a collection for next spring-summer for men, although he also proposed options for women, in which he combined black and white in a sober and elegant style, as well as large male bags, with a part with more comfortable clothes, with shorts and sleeveless vests in light and beige tones.

Giorgio Armani and Leo Dell'Orco at his signature fashion show in Milan. gtres

Corazón El jardín de Giorgio Armani y la ciudad de ensueño de Diesel reinan en Milán

In the Milanese showcase there were also some completely white Ibiza outfits, more colorful shirts, but always in warm tones and some floral motifs on the garments, in tune with the garden behind the catwalk in which all the models stood after the parade. Diesel's traditional denim fabrics were joined by different men's and women's clothing. home in a contemporary key, with blazers, shirts and denim pants. Among the highlights, an interlocking belt that joins shirts and dresses, stitched cowboy boots or pointed ankle boots, as well as the use of recycled denim with a sustainability perspective.

The parade advocated the Ibizan style and 'oversize' garments. gtres

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Heart Giorgio Armani's garden and Diesel's dream city reign in Milan
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