Heather Graham, the "Sexy girl" who broke taboos but could not escape the typecasting

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Su carrera podrá tildarse de irregular pero nunca de improductiva. Con más de sesenta películas y una veintena de trabajos en televisión, Heather Graham es de sobra conocida en el ámbito hollywoodense, aunque nunca ha logrado ese halo de popularidad que muchos artistas alcanzan tras varias décadas de rodajes y sets.Heather Graham, la “chica sexy” que rompió tabúes pero no pudo escapar del encasillamiento Heather Graham, la “chica sexy” que rompió tabúes pero no pudo escapar del encasillamiento

The truth is that, at 51, Graham has learned to take the image of "silly blonde" that the industry has reserved for her.From the schoolboy in Rollers in pleasure games to the sweet stripper in what happened yesterday?, This girl from Wisconsin became the sexy girl that every director wanted to have in her movie, and she knew how to take advantage of that to endure insuch a competitive industry.

Just a pretty face?

Heather Joan Graham was born on January 29, 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Raised in a family of Catholic traditions, his father is a retired FBI and his mother, a children's story writer.While at first they supported her in her career (her mother used.

However, Graham missed both tips.After two years of training at the University of California, he left classes to devote all his time to his profession and moved to Los Angeles, where he had different jobs while trying to become a movie star.

It was with just 14 years that he achieved his first participation as extra in a movie, MRS.SOFFEL, although his first leader came four years after the hand of the teenage comedy without permission to handle (1988), along with two stars of the time, Corey Feldman and James Avery.In 1989, he managed to enter the distribution of drugs, love and death to work under the orders of Gus van Sant, which opened the doors to be part of other weight titles such as Twin Peaks (1990), Rock shout (1991), Swingers (1996) or Pleasure Games (1997).Precisely, in the renowned Paul Thomas Anderson Graham's movie, he appeared completely naked, something that motivated his parents that remains until today.

Owner of overwhelming beauty, began to be summoned more and more frequently for papers with a high sexual burden, becoming the sexy girl of each story.“To be honest, as a young man was quite self -accommodated and it was rare, remained isolated from society.So now it makes me very funny that they give me the attractive and sexy woman's papers.It is an irony that has ended like this.Actually, what appears on the screen is a kind of alter ego, ”confessed the actress.

Heather Graham, la “chica sexy” que rompió tabúes pero no pudo escapar del encasillamiento

The truth is that Graham has never lacked work.In fact, over the years he has learned to take this image of this innocent and superficial image that Hollywood has reserved for her.In both independent film and more commercial film films, he played this role perfectly.From that girl on skates that earned him the recognition of the general public, going through the sexy member of the CIA in Austin Powers: the seductive spy to the sweet stripper who married Las Vegas with Stu (Ed Helms) in what happened yesterday?They did nothing but feed that typecasting within the industry.The same happened with the most recent AT Any Price (2012), where he stuck in the skin of a town girl keeps an affair with a married man (Dennis Quaid) and with his son (Zac Efron).

Far from bothering, Heather perceived these experiences as an opportunity to remain active in the middle, since with the change of millennium the new generations began to steal prominence."I am very grateful for continuing to work and still be in the candlestick," said the actress who was increasingly upholler to find her own place.However, in 2014 the artist was reborn from her own ashes chaining several work for television such as Californication, Angie Tribeca, Bliss, Law and Order: True Crime and, in recent times, in the comedy for Netflix Love Guaranteed Love.

These new credits not only allowed him."I just wrote a script that I hope to direct, something that is my own voice, which is a luxury at this point," he warned about this project that deals with two women and their attitude towards sex."It is a comedy about the sense of ridicule in that aspect and how to have more natural and direct relationships," added who shares a poster with Stephanie Beatriz, Angela Kinsey and Molly Shannon.

Draw taboos

Although Hollywood seems to have a fixation with the sexual image of the actress, she seems to care other things.For years, she has been a fervent public defender of the work carried out by the NGO Children International and her activism has led her to travel to Cambodia to denounce the traffic of slave children.In turn, she shows himself as a great fighter of women's rights and is extremely committed to climate change, a problem she has been denouncing since the mid -2000s with Global Cool Fundation.

In his continuous attempts to demonstrate that he is not only a pretty face, Graham acknowledges that he is not attentive to his figure and that the only beauty secret that meets Rajataba is hydration.“I drink a lot of water and I can't live without a good moisturizer.Now I have also been given to eliminate the white flour from my diet, it makes me feel healthier, ”he warns who is also meditating on the possibility of becoming a vegetarian.

The results are obvious, although Graham says there are more.This is transcendental meditation (something he learned from David Lynch when he worked in that cult series that was Twin Peaks) that he often practices and leads her to spiritual retreats throughout the world to be able to improve his techniques."Mess healthy in corpore healthy," jokes when asked if he has any aesthetic surgery.

Aware of society's pressures when imposing beauty canons, Wander's interpreter says that "being sexy is a matter of energy".“I feel sexy even when I am all sweaty and with troubled hair (…) For example, my idol in this industry is Susan Sarandon.She is a sexy woman, shows her age and has her own style.He is comfortable in his skin and that gives him a sensuality that makes it different, ”he launched, laughing, trying to take off from the frivolous nickname.

In fact, in the past things were very different for her.Raised in the Catholic faith, the actress remembers a childhood full of family taboos where words like "sin" and "hell" were heard and threatened to send it to a convent.Her independence was a personal process that led her to have a brilliant career in Hollywood, distancing her parents and collecting an impressive list of lovers that includes names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger, Ed Burns, Kyle Maclachlan, James Woods andYaniv Raz, among others.

"Everyone was great," confesses although, apparently, they did not meet their expectations, since it remains single to date.With 51 years, Graham continues to avoid that obstacle that marriage means for her."Happy to be happily single and not unhappy married.I spend it very well, ”he warns who took a while to get rid of that mandate to lead a conventional life.“You have to eliminate neurosis, all those thoughts that make you feel sad.You can let society impose what you should do or you can ask if that is for you and say that, perhaps, what you want is not what you suppose you have to do, but it is what makes you happy, ”he advises.

Far from feeling alone, the artist who has also decided to break her blood links claims to have the family she has chosen, her friends.“There is the family you have, those who love you and want the best for you in life.And then, there are the people you choose.And I feel that I have been very lucky to have this family that I have chosen, ”he said, in addition to making it clear that he does not want to talk about his parents since“ the Malinterpreta press ”.

Despite having lost several things along the way, Graham is happy with what he has achieved so far.And while he dreams of being “an Almodóvar girl” one day, the American has taken advantage of the pandemic to continue reinventing himself: he is taking Spanish classes and is preparing to demonstrate his skills in the direction with two new projects that keep her very excited.

Heather Graham, the "Sexy girl" who broke taboos but could not escape the typecasting
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