Norway Mette-Marit cries the loss of one of his family's pets

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Sad loss to Mette-Marit of Norway and his family.Known for being a great animal lover, Prince Haakon's wife has announced the death of one of her pets, Muffins Krakebolle, diagnosed with cancer a few months ago a few months ago.

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One more in the family!So are the affectionate pets of the Royal Houses of Europe

Muffins Krakebolle and Milly Kakao, the two Labradles (Labrador Crossing with Caniche) of the Norwegian Royal Family have been protagonists of a host of tender snapshots next to Mette-Marit, Haakon, Ingrid Alexandra, Sverre Magnus and even Marius Borg, thePrincess's first son.

They even have their own photo album on the official website of the Royal House, and have accompanied them in the most special moments, such as National Day, as well as their vacation.

Mette-Marit de Noruega llora la pérdida de una de las mascotas de su familia

Now sadness takes over the family with the farewell of one of them.

"Have a good trip.This week, our muffins died of cancer.The funniest of the whole family and the best friend was born in our house, in the living room.Since he came to the world, it has been a natural center of our lives.It has been fed, dressed in all kinds of clothing, taken with an excursion and skiing, has had a good canine life, "lamented the princess accompanying her words with a series of images of her pet.

"He could be very naughty and loved to flee, but above all, Muffins especially liked hugs, children, robotic grass cutters and Milly.He has given us all more love, comfort and laughter we could wait for and all here, and Mom Milly, we miss her a lot ".

Born in her own home, the puppy has been an eternal adventure partner, especially for the daughter -in -law of the kings Harald and Sonia, who due to her chronic illness has spent a lot of time at home next to her.

[Images: Instagram H.K.H Mette-Marit]

Norway Mette-Marit cries the loss of one of his family's pets
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