Profeco alert for stores with "disposable" clothes

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In an article published in the consumer magazine of December, the agency ensures that the durability of clothing has gone from being several years "a few months"

The durability and conservation of clothing went from years to months, this is the purpose of the so -called "fast fashion" or fast fashion, whose textiles are not always of the best quality, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office warned (Profeco).

Entre las marcas detectadas se encuentran: Bershka, Bestseller, Boohoo, C&A, Charlotte Russe, Cotton On, Espirit, Fashion Nova, Five Foxes, Forever 21, Gap, Uniqlo, Victoria´s Secret y Zara.

Profeco alerta por tiendas con ropa “desechable”

The Attorney General's Office warned that;“Every time the clothes cease to be functional before waiting, causing it to be discarded faster.The above, added to the stylistic tendencies that have less validity, make the consumer add up to buy clothes that stop serving faster and faster ”.

The Profeco asks to review the quality of clothing and shoes bought in these establishments, for which consumers can prefer natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or wool instead of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon or rayón.

Profeco alert for stores with "disposable" clothes
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