Rocío Camacho: "Being influential is more than having a pretty face, you have to contribute something deep"

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At 26, Rocío Camacho says that now "there is nothing that can divert me from the way", not even love.Accumulate almost 650.000 followers on Instagram, is determined to succeed with its fashion brand, Seima, from which in a few days it will launch its new collection, and presents its first book, CO (n) Reason (Martínez Roca Editions).There are 100 pages of confidences, experiences, anecdotes and a lot.It is a book designed for twenty -year -olds on the edge of the abyss of adulthood that live in a world where it seems that if you want to succeed you are obliged to follow the current and not get the feet of the pot too.Also an exercise that disassembles the topics about the ideal life of influencers.

New love

Rocío Camacho is news these days for his possible romance with actor Álex González, with whom he has been photographed

About his newly released romance with actor Álex González, he does not say neither denies.But as she writes: who siles does not always grant.And offers for the readers of the avant -garde a first of the collection of clothing that will present in the coming weeks.

How do you feel with the launch of this book?

Very excited.I've been writing for more than a year, but today it seems to me that everything has been very fast.They made me the proposal in September 2019.I started writing, but together when the pandemic stopped by the anguish of the situation, I was alone at home and was not able to write.I resumed it in summer, when I was more emotionally stable.

It is a very visual work.

The illustrations are by María Romero.A friend gave me a drawing of his and I had no doubt that she wanted her to illustrate (n) reason.Captured very quickly what I wanted to convey.

Since when do you write?

Before I wrote for myself in my moments of downturn or insecurity, but I never shared anything.When they proposed the book, I first felt the adrenaline of a new project, then I had insecurity.I have realized that it is better to explain the written things than spoken.I really liked experience.

It is a self -help book for millennials that resorts to the formula of grandmothers' sayings....

I am from a town, from Calzada de Calatrava, and I am very used to the sayings of my mother and my grandmother's life.But the sayings promote ideas with which I do not agree, so I have allowed myself to express my thoughts contradicting these sayings that we have rooted.You have to look at the double background and give the tortilla a little a little.

What is your favorite saying?

Rocío Camacho:

With the only one who would agree is with "who overcomes the complexes is quickly and goes further".I would have liked to hear it.In adolescence we all spend moments of insecurity, of changes.Although now I am very sure and over the years I have been defining my personality, during adolescence I was very insecure, I always tried to go unnoticed and I would have liked that someone would have stressed that saying.

Who is Rocío Camacho?

I am a person who lives by and for what he likes to do without thinking about what the rest thinks.A few years ago it wasn't like this.I am very positive, although that does not mean that I see the world of pink full of rainbow.I try to take negative situations positively, knowing that they are specific moments.I am a happy person.

And yet he has had anxiety attacks...

Yes, it is a consequence of being doing what I do, of being overturned in my clothing brand, in networks and in other projects that will come out soon.It started three years ago, when I started with my brand, and I learned to live with it, although I spend better and worse stages.It is not something that limits me, it is something that is with me.

Does he use professional help?

Yes, that's something fundamental, I say it in my networks.Anxiety is one of the 21st century diseases.I can speak like a friend who tries to help another, but when it comes to mental health, the main thing is to seek professional help.

Who does love you, will make you cry?

I totally disagree.

What is your goal in life?

Professionally, keep doing what I like, because for me that is success, which is not linked to money.Above all to consolidate my brand;Now with pandemia is everything is double difficult.And personally continue with the mental peace and tranquility that I have now and continue surrounded by my family and friends, who make me the happiest person in the world.

What would make you deviate from the way?

Now I think nothing.When moving on social networks, it is easy for you not to touch the ground, because you have things that otherwise you would not have.But now there is nothing that can divert me from the way, I am at a time when I have superclar things and very marked objectives.

Have you ever felt threatened?

Especially at the beginning, you are not accustomed to the free hatred of people you do not know.That a person who comes out of nowhere threatens or criticizes you without knowing you from a false account creates frustration.When I passed me, I cried, I wanted to explain...The networks have made me mature, my life is mine and I don't have to give explanations of everything I do or say.

In the book he speaks of constant and daily dedication.What routine does it have?

I am a bit grid.Every night I try to sign up everything I want to do the next day.I always try to have a motivation, although not every day you can be constant.

What have you given up achieving your goals?

In recent years, I have traveled a lot, not to see my family, to lose birthdays, vacations, be with friends, the plans that every 26 -year -old is.But there is the difference between a person who sees a goal as a challenge and the one who sees him as a sacrifice.The important thing is to see it as a challenge.If you see it as a sacrifice, you will weigh you behind plans you want to do.

And leave love for pursuing dreams?

You have to surround yourself with people who live in your same tune and do not let you go hand in hand.If a boy does not support you in what makes you happy at that time, it is not your person.

How many shots are there before giving a photo for good?

Sometimes I have reached more than 500 to be able to take the perfect photo.Luckily I have a team that knows how perfectionist I am.

And always smiling...

What the camera shows is not always reality.We all have better and worse days.

How many people work on your team?

Between manager, photographer, videographer, makeup artist...six or seven.

What is being an influencer?

Have the ability to influence positive things.There are many people who are cataloged as influencers when all they do is hang photos showing how beautiful or handsome they are or the good body they have.Beautiful faces there are thousands and I don't think that causes any change in anyone, they only make your view when you get on Instagram and little else.Being influencer is more than a beautiful photo.

What can your followers influence?

Let's see life more positively but realistic.And that has nothing to do with toxic positivity that says you have no right to be wrong because life is wonderful.You have the right to be wrong but you have to know how to relativize and learn to get out of the dowers.

That is why you share your fight against anxiety?

From the fact that I opened to talk about the issue of anxiety, which selfishly also serves as therapy, many people have felt identified with me on that subject and tell me that I have helped them.That makes me very happy.

Do you have an ethical code?

I teach what I want to teach, which is a small part of my life.I separate my private life from what Instagram is.Although I am publishing all day, I do not show my moments of intimacy or what I talk to my friends or my family.I reserve that for me.Putting limits gives me some sense of freedom.

Is your life as rose as it seems?

The reality is that I am with the phone all day of plane by plane.Obviously I have been in Bali, and I don't complain, but my day to day summarizes with a suitcase in a site van, photos, videos, stories, changes, and so on all day.That is not the concept I have to enjoy a trip.

What are your icons?

I really like Chiara Ferragni and Amsterdam Negin Melsalehi's influencer, which has created her hair product brand.They are two admirable entrepreneurs.

But Chiara exposes all her life....

I do not identify with that.Private life must be kept private.You have to know how to distinguish reality from social networks.

Who is your best confidant?

My brother Antonio, physical trainer of a First Division team in Romania.Of teenagers we have regularly because I was the family's loquilla and he, very centered.Today is my best friend and the person I call when I have a problem or a downturn.Is always, unconditionally.

Do you design your signature's clothes?

Until a year and a half we worked with suppliers but now we design and manufacture in Spain.It is more expensive and with the Covid it is more complicated because it is already worked only on demand.Prices are in the clouds, but the new collection fills me with pride.

What will the new collection be like?

Cheerful, apart from the colors, for the illusion of working as a team.

What is your fetish garment?

A lace body, because with a blázer and a cowboy you have everything in one.

How many bags do you have?

About 40, although I always end up carrying the same.

And shoes?

I am crazy with shoes, surely more than 100 pairs.Favorites Sandals orange guess needle heel, three years ago, that I don't get much for the fear of spoiling me.

Does Álex González occupy his heart?

My private life I keep it for me.I have come to talk about my book, ha ha.

Could it be said that this person can fly free?

(Laughs) All people around me make me fly and feel superafortunada.

Rocío Camacho: "Being influential is more than having a pretty face, you have to contribute something deep"
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