Telva "Emily in Paris 2" or what a fashion editor thinks about Frenchified looks

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Due to those coincidences of life, on the small screen this Christmas two of the series in which fashion has had a greater weight coincide. "And Just Like That" and, today, "Emily in Paris". Also due to those coincidences of fate, Patricia Field has played a key role in both of them, creating two fictional icons that may be liked more or less but are there, Carrie and Emily. Telva

If I confess that I'm savoring the reboot of "And Just Like That" in small sips (like a good chardonnay), just seeing Emily's first looks has already caused me to have hives all over my body. Let's break it down (no spoilers).

After a first scene in which the protagonist goes out running (nothing to object here), her first office look appears consisting of a striped polo shirt, yes, but in colors (mistake!) and a checkered skirt in shades greenish In the second scene, at night, Emily wears a short pink sequined dress. Telva

Day 2: Emily returns to the office with a top and a jacket that mixes prints as if there were no tomorrow and in which if you don't wear sunglasses it is very likely that you will die of immediate blindness. I have continued watching the chapter but I already have several conclusions about it:


1. Patricia Field is not being completely honest when she says that we will see much more French-inspired looks than those of the first season. Because in the first chapters, she confessed that Lily Collins herself dazzled with black dresses worthy of Audrey Hepburn. At the moment, the color burns my retinas. Telva

2. Everyone knows that French women are, let's not say boring, but classic. Black is his fetish colour, tweed his best investment and, most importantly, stripes, please, always in navy blue and white (whose terrible idea was that?). Bad, Patricia, bad.

3. And, here I completely take off my mask: Seriously, Emily, I can't believe that working with a boss who is a television version of Carine Roitfeld and who can't have more roll, nothing has rubbed off on you. Not admissible and, above all, unreal. Telva

Conclusion: Ouch! How much it costs to be consistent in this life. I confess that I am going to see it from the first to the last episode. In the midst of a COVID outbreak, I will see Paris, at least from my living room. And although Patricia Field's outfits make me cringe (it seems to me that not everything goes to capture the public's attention) I'm dying to see a story that makes me escape, laugh and reconcile with the human race (after all, she always wants do good).

call me crazy Or Emily, if you like. I deserve it.

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Telva "Emily in Paris 2" or what a fashion editor thinks about Frenchified looks
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