Ten myths that can no longer exist on the vegan diet

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Recetas veganas del blog de Susana de Oliveira «ColorsCodex"

Can a pregnant woman wear a vegan diet?Is it a current invention that will happen soon fashionable?Do they have vegans less physical strength to exercise?An environmental physicist and two nutritionists clarify the doubts surrounding this diet

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The vegan diet is one that excludes foods of animal origin from meals.Probably, this simple idea is that the first thing that comes to mind when you hear any word related to this eating habit, but surely, then they begin to be around for your thoughts certain theories that cross this regime of inefficient, insane orto be a simple fashion.An environmental physicist and two nutritionists denied ten of those myths:

Vegans only eat salads

Susana de Oliveira, an environmental physicist, acknowledges that, when he was going to begin his vegan diet, he also thought something similar: «When I made the decision to have a diet based on products of plant origin, the first thought was, and now, what like?But when I stopped to think, potenta and broth recipes came to my memory that I had seen my mother prepare, who had almost entirely plant ingredients.Therefore, what I had to do was withdraw from the recipes the ingredients that were not.Easy, right? ".He says that, for her, the passage to veganism was also a way to channel her creativity, looking for new recipes and combinations."Those first days were memorable," he recalls."Ideas flowed and every day prepared a new dish".To collect all these recipes, he created his blog (ColorScodex, in which one of the techniques to classify the different dishes are precisely the colors they wear.«Each color, more or less, is associated with an essential class of nutrients.The more colors you enter in the diet, the better your diet ".With colors, it also seeks to convey that the vegan diet is not "boring" or "only green".

¿Tiene sentido que cada vez más recetas veganas imiten platos de carne?

Laura g.from the valley

He says that one of the dishes he created at the beginning of his food change was precisely what he won his first recipe contest, which was not a vegan theme contest and admitted all kinds of dishes.That little moment, he says, lived it as a "very special triumph", because "it showed that the vegan diet is equally original and tasty as the one that includes food of animal origin".

Ten myths that can no longer exist on the vegan diet
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