Trends for 2022: the oracle of Pinterest has spoken VEIN #15 Free and Wild

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Jewel body, nails like canvas, dopamine fashion. Here the keys.

2022 is full of glitter and pictures, as predicted by the platform that inspires us every day: Pinterest . We start a new year in which we hope to live unique experiences and improve everything that perhaps we did not like so much. Likewise, we can ask ourselves what will be in store for us in terms of trends, a question for which Pinterest Predicts has the answers.

This year the platform has presented more than 175 trends, discover the main ones that will haunt us in 2022, because remember that 80% of Pinterest predictions are usually fulfilled. Meet in #VEINDIGITAL six of these trends:

· Jewel body ·

From their eyelids to their teeth, Gen Z is all about non-traditional accessories. We see the influence of both series like Euphoria in the style of make-ups, as well as the presence of figures like Rosalía with her mythical grills.

Glitter lovers, this season is yours. Look for the perfect primer to unleash creativity in the look. We are not only talking about glitter, we go further, the crystals have reached your eyes.

checkered world

“The board gets rid of the pieces and advances to the center of the scene”, we are talking about one of the trends that will hit harder this year: the paintings. We will not only see these on clothes or nails, but it will also be visible on floors as decoration. From sober mosaics to hypnotic shapes, both for women's and men's fashion. This 90s air could be seen during 2021 and will continue, but giving a greater role to this print. Without a doubt, we can say that millennials have not been this close to boomers in a long time, both are "equally squared" in terms of style.

· Nails as canvas ·

Nails are a showcase of your personality and tastes, the trend encourages this idea where your inner world and landscapes are "at your fingertips". In 2022 your nails can be a reflection of unrepeatable moments such as auroras or geodes.

· Elegance ·

We say goodbye to that "pajama" label, the rules of etiquette are broken and we embrace nighttime luxury. Dressing in silk is no longer meant solely for sleeping, it now has a romantic allure perfect for those special nights.

Revolt of cuts

Cutting to the chase is sometimes very positive, especially when due to the pandemic we want a change of scenery. We abandon those more discreet hairstyles to give way to a more casual, striking and colorful style. Bob cut wigs, different shades or the reinvented mullet, generation Z takes risks with their hair in this new year.

dopamine fashion

Colors flood your wardrobe, "what is striking is the new moderation". This trend could be breathed at the end of the year, but we can exploit it to the fullest this year. Making us vibrate with the "most extreme colors that give shock of pure visual pleasure", regardless of gender or age. Chromaticism will be present in stores promoting the idea of ​​"living in color".


Trends for 2022: the oracle of Pinterest has spoken VEIN #15 Free and Wild
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