The best perfumes for the body are these solid soaps that soften the skin and leave an irresistible smell

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It is obvious that one of the Beauty gestures that we repeat most daily is to perfume ourselves.(Yes, it seems that our brain gives a lot of glad whene...) But the truth is that doing it in the classic form, on neck and dolls, it is not the only way.Our capricious system is responsible for looking for the best smell both in clothes and hair or body, a area for which we have found the perfect substitutes for liquid shower gel and moisturizing creams.

What are the best perfumes for the body?Solid soaps with two formulas in one: hydrate and soften the skin, while leaving an irresistible aroma for hours for hours.The other advantages are not far behind: they last longer, they contaminate less and some of our favorite perfume signatures already have their version with formulations very similar to those of their most iconic fragrances.

We start with Loewe Home Scents Soap Collection, a collection of three body soaps that, as they explain from the firm, "reformulate the bath ritual as a scented and fortifying treatment designed to pamper the body and balance the mind".

Los mejores perfumes para el cuerpo son estos jabones sólidos que suavizan la piel y dejan un olor irresistible

Loewe Home Scents Soap Collection.In perfumes Loewe and El Corte Inglés for 40 euros./ courtesy Loewe

His trea aromas, 'Liquorice' (licorice), 'oregano' (oregano) and 'stent of marijuana' (marijuana essence), belong to the 11 that make up the Home Scents range and its formula contains super nutritious ingredients for the skin,such as karité butter or red algae, known for its antioxidant, anti -inflammatory and exfoliating qualities.

Our next bet is practically irresistible.This is herbae par of L'Occitane, a solid soap for the body and for the hands, which smoothly cleanses the skin and wraps it with delicate green and floral notes of its Eau in Parfum.Wild herbs along with notes from brazamora, wild pink and white ortiga, give rise to a fresh and floral fragrance that moves nature.

HERBAE PILKED SOAP OF L'Occitane (6 euros)./ courtesy l'Occitane

The Swedish perfume firm Byredo also adds to this type of cleaning product for the body with tulupmania, a soap inspired by its iconic fragrance the tulipe with fresh notes of freshness, ruibarbo, cyclamen, tulip, green wood and vetiver.In addition, its moisturizing formula contains glycerin and karité butter to soften and care for the skin.

Tulipmania soup, by Byredo.(30 euros)./ Courtesy Byredo

For fans of fruity aromas, The Body Shop has a tangerine soap that provides energy and revitalizes instantly.A refreshing explosion of citrus fragrance achieved from the satsuma tangerine oil from Argentina.Your light and soft foam hydrates the body immediately.

Body soap with Satsuma mandarin the body shop.(4 euros)./ courtesy The Body Shop

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The best perfumes for the body are these solid soaps that soften the skin and leave an irresistible smell
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