The countries where the most beautiful people are born: a prejudiced "study" that only hurts us

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Admito que, por supuesto sentí curiosidad por hacer clic en el estudio que anunciaba determinar en qué país nacían las personas más bellas. Quería saber si se había hecho un análisis genético, y cuáles eran los criterios de medición de la belleza, como la simetría, la diversidad en las facciones. Me habría encantado que existiese un respaldo científico que finalmente equilibrara el tema de los parámetros inalcanzables de belleza que impone la sociedad actual…Los países donde nace la gente más bella: un Los países donde nace la gente más bella: un

But not.The study calculated the history of countries in beauty competitions and according to the number of winners, threw the list of countries and cities where the most beautiful people were born.

The person responsible for this review is the British Money portal, where more than 500 contest winners were examined and compared the birthdays.It is worth mentioning that the contests they quantified were Miss Universe, Miss Mundo, and even Mr Gay World, among others, perhaps with the mood that their statistics were as diverse as possible, although we all know that most beauty competitions that existThey evaluate female beauty ... but that is another issue.For now.

The results, by number of winning participants, showed that the United States is the country with more beautiful people, with 61 crowned participants;Venezuela is in second place with 35;then Brazil with 26;United Kingdom has 25;Philippines has 23;while Australia, Colombia and Thailand have 19 each;and South Africa and Spain coincide with 18.

In relation to cities, Caracas is in the first place;Bangkok in the second;And Sydney, Turku, Maracaibo, Manila and San Juan de Puerto Rico are followed in order.The list of places continues with states, and returns to countries to determine the most beautiful in terms of the LGBTQ+community, in which the United States retains its first place.

Satisfied curiosity and disappointed with the criteria chosen, I must confess that I find it surprising that these are currently the values that are awarded to the people of a country.With this evaluation, a place is simply defined by the appearance of women participating in competitions, a number that does not even reflect its entire population.

Los países donde nace la gente más bella: un

And this led me to consult the psychologist and expert in body image María Teresa Valero to determine if this type of evaluations could affect the health and development of people and the response, unfortunately it is that yes that yes.And of course, if it insists on highlighting as the most important attribute of a gentilicio its appearance, which, in general, does not respond to the parameters of beauty contests.

"Of course it affects the mental health of people and specifically women, since usually the one evaluated is female beauty.With this, the belief and stereotype are encouraged that the most important thing women have and what they have to contribute to the world is their beauty, "says Valero.

"Of course this can arouse body dissatisfaction, low self -esteem, comparisons.Not only is the standards insist, but they activate competitiveness between women.This, in addition, leads to developing eating disorders, becoming a little addicted aesthetic surgeries and other treatments to reach the parameters of competitions ".

For the expert, this goes far beyond mere entertainment, but the interest is to continue perpetuating a system that benefits and becomes a millionaire thanks to the insecurities of women, and of people in general, who will make more surgeries, will buy will buymore products, and more treatments will be made to fit in what the world considers it as beautiful, and consequently, successful.

If we do not enter the box that is imposed as correct, appreciated and applauded, it is logical that we will feel unsatisfied."There is an additional important factor and it is the one that refers to who evaluates beauty in these competitions.They are probably people with Eurocentrist criteria, with racist, fat -phobobic nature, who value more height, youth, among others, invalidating the existence of racial and body diversity.This homogenization is unusual that continues to exist today.What representation of a country can be under those criteria?The message is that there is only one way of being beautiful or beautiful, but the problem is not that, but it continues to believe that beauty is the most important thing we have to offer the world ".

Additionally, we must understand that of course beauty is important and fine, but it is not lasting or imperishable, because these characteristics that are appreciated within these parameters, are changing as we grow, or ages.

"Every day they will come out, gray hair, wrinkles, or a granite.Every day the body is changing, so we should not concentrate much of our thoughts on this false perfection.There are many things to which we can dedicate the time we lose looking too much in the mirror and in that need to demonstrate our worth through something so changing and temporary ".

Valero emphasizes that, in addition, the demands for being beautiful, being fixed, being skinny, or looking in a certain way they are usually made mainly women and how do we do not want.What if we simply want to be happy, successful, live the calm life.

It is good to be beautiful, but if you are not within the parameters, you also have the right and it is good to be happy, be successful, be prosperous, get a job that loves you, wearing the clothes that please please and consolidate qualities that when evaluated bystudies and analysis are really enriching for society.


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The countries where the most beautiful people are born: a prejudiced "study" that only hurts us
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