The exclusive list of guests at the Philippos wedding of Greece and Nina Flohr

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Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

After marriage in a discreet civil ceremony that took place last December in Saint Moritz (Switzerland), in which they only had two witnesses (their respective parents), Philippos de Greece and Nina Flohr have celebrated their wedding on SaturdaydreamedThe cathedral of the Annunciation of Santa María, located in the historic center of Athens, has been the place chosen by the bride and groom to give the ‘yes, I want’ in a religious ceremony in which they have been accompanied by many family and friends.The first to arrive have been the Hanover, with Sassa de Osma and her husband, Christian de Hannover, at the head.The princess has revalidated her the title of elegance of her with a spectacular dress pleated in raspberry tone and a striking collar with emeralds, to match her color color.In addition, she has been faithful to her style with a very natural makeup and the mane collected in a low bun with the medium line.

- Nina Flohr marries an impressive princess cut dress and the corsair tiara

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

The guests have arrived in different black vans with tinted crystals.Two of them have been Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo, who has opted for a red maxivestid and orginal heart -shaped sunglasses.The firstborn of Princess Carolina and his wife have come alone, without the company of the three children of his: Sasha, eight years old, India, six, and Maximilian, three.Tatiana, who has an ecological clothing firm called Muzungu Sisters, surprised us last year with her facet as a model parading in the Milan Fashion Week, becoming one of those chosen to show the spring-summer 2020 collection of M Missoni.Months later, she starred in a beautiful perched with her son for her for the firm Emilia Wickstead, one of Kate Middleton's favorite designers.

- Tatiana Santo Domingo strengthens your facet as a model

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Beatriz de York and Edoardo Mapelli, upon arrival at the temple.Sarah Ferguson's daughter and Prince Andrés was radiant after her recent maternity, showing off a smile and a bicolor-joy dressed in the 2018 Gucci 2018 collection.Last September, Beatriz welcomed her first daughter, Sienna Elizabeth, with whom we have already seen her first walks in a park near her residence in London.This is her first trip abroad since they are parents, so there is no doubt that she has a special meaning for them.

- Why is the name of Beatriz's daughter of York a tribute to Sarah Ferguson?

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Eugenia de York has come accompanied by her husband, Jack Brooksbank.The couple, which a few days ago celebrated their third wedding anniversary, has joined the long list of royals that have been present in the link.For the occasion, Eugenia has opted for a quite sober black total-look but with a suggestive lateral opening.Eugenia and Jack, who became parents of his first son, August Philip, in February, gave themselves the 'Yes, I want' on October 12, 2018 in the chapel of San Jorge del Castillo de Windsor in a celebration that was fullof surprises and emotions, but also very funny moments.

- Eugenia de York and his great change of life after being a mother

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

The Infanta Elena, PHILIPPOS cousin of Greece and godmother of her baptism, has not lacblack paillettes.The Duchess of Lugo has been present at all the weddings of her cousins and this was not going to be less.

- The Infanta Elena with her daughter Victoria de Marichalar, in the bulls for Hispanic Day

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Pablo de Grecia, brother of the boyfriend, and his wife, Marie-Chantal Miller, accompanied by two of her four children: Odyseas and Aristides.The princes have traveled to Athens from New York, where they reside for five years.Surely his little brother's link makes Pablo relive the emotion of his own wedding, one of the most lavishgodfather.

- Who is who in the Royal Family of Greece?

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Nicolás de Greece, brother of the boyfriend, has posed upon his arrival with his wife, Tatiana Blatnik, spectacular red, and his sister, Theodora of Greece.The little daughter of the Kings Constantine and Ana María will be the next to go through the altar (although there is still no definitive date) with her fiance, American lawyer Matthew Kumar.Theodora, who has been promised since 2018, had to postpone her link (planned for May 2020) due to pandemic.Despite living in Los Angeles, everything indicates that the couple could opt for the island of Spetsses to celebrate their link, the same in which their brother, Prince Nicolás and Tatiana Blatnik sealed their love.

La exclusiva lista de invitados a la boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr

- Theodora of Greece and his fiance celebrate their 'no wedding' with a typical meal

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Olympia, 25, older daughter of Pablo and Marie-Chantal de Greece, has attended her uncle's wedding with an elegant Klein blue design.On this occasion we have not seen her with her boyfriend, Peregrine Pearson, who belongs to one of the richest and most aristocratic families in the United Kingdom.In the future she will become the fifth Viscount Cowdray and inherit the Pearson Empire, one of the world's greatest editorial and textbooks in the world.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Princess Alexia de Greece with her husband, the Spanish architect Carlos Morales.The marriage, which resides in Lanzarote, is not usually lavished much in public events, but could not be missing at the wedding of Philippos, small brother Alexia, which was held this Saturday in the cathedral of the announcement of Santa María de Athens.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Arrietta Morales de Greece, 19, is the eldest daughter of Princess Alexia and Carlos Morales.The goddaughter of Infanta Cristina has experienced a spectacular change since we last saw it, and she has posed as a story princess with her brother Carlos de her.Despite leading a discreet life in Lanzarote, she remains very close to her family from the Hellenic country.The uncles of her, Pablo, Nicolás and Theodora, who is also her godmother along with Felipe VI's sister, in addition to her premium Olympia, follow her in her social profiles and include her in some ofThe family memories that share it.These special days she will feel happy to create new moments with them.

- OT athlete and fan, this is Arrietta Morales, Alexia's daughter of Greece

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Princess Benedicta, aunt of the boyfriend and sister of Ana María de Grecia and Margarita of Denmark, has also opted for blue, like many other guests.In her case, she has wore an elegant velvet design with a cross neckline and heel shoes with glitter, which combined perfectly with her hand wallet in the same tones.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

The Benedicta Princess of Denmark has posed upon arrival with her daughter, Princess Alexandra Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, and her husband, Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, count of Egeskov.In addition, she has accompanied the Infanta Elena, who has accompanied them in the black van with which they have reached the cathedral.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

So smiling and happy came the boyfriend minutes before pronouncing the 'Yes, I want'.Philippos de Greece, who has received a hot applause, has entered the cathedral with his arm, Ana María de Greece, who was very happy to be able to celebrate this day so indicated as a family.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

The great ovation has been for King Constantine, who has arrived in a wheelchair.Since 2018, her boyfriend's father, who reigned in Greece between 1964 and 1973, uses her to move more comfortably in her day to day.

- We remember the lavish wedding of Constantino and Ana María de Grecia in Athens

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Queen Sofia with her sister, Princess Irene.Just a few hours after attending the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo, Felipe VI's mother has traveled to her country because she did not want to miss her nephew's wedding.

- Doña Sofía returns to the place where she celebrated her wedding for her nephew's link

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Ekaterina de Hannover, who has arrived with her husband, Prince Ernst August, although they have not been photographed together, has undoubtedly been one of the most elegant, turned into a princess with her spectacular design of silver transparencies and embroiderySemi -greeted flattering.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Kyril de Bulgaria and her partner, British businesswoman Katharine Butler, have also accompanied the bride and groom on their big day.Katharine, daughter of Ann Clyde and diplomat Michael Butler, who was permanent representative of the United Kingdom in the European Union, is in charge of Freebike, a company dedicated to the rental of electric bicycles in the financial heart of London, and is one of themajor seventeenth -century Chinese porcelain collectors, hobby he inherited from his parent.

- The affectionate meeting of Kyril de Bulgaria and Rosario Nadal, with their partners, at the concert of their daughter Mafalda

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

La madre de la novia, Katharina Flohr (antes Katharina Konečný), también se ha decantado por el azul. Cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en liderazgo estratégico, creación, desarrollo e implementación de negocios y marcas a nivel internacional. Desde hace cuatro años ostenta el cargo de ejecutiva en Santi Jewels & Arts Ltd., donde trabaja en el área de desarrollo de negocio, estrategia de marca, marketing y dirección creativa. Anteriormente formó parte de la Escuela de Negocios Saïd de la Universidad de Oxford, fue directora general y creativa de Fabergé y durante 11 años fue directora de moda y joyería en diferentes publicaciones del grupo Condé Nast, como las revistas Vogue Russia o Tatler.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Sabine Getty, influencer and editor of Tatler magazine, has posed before photographers with an original set of yellow pastel and black accessories.Daughter of Charbel Ghanem, a rich Lebanese financial, and Karine Ratl, an Egyptian interior decorator, she is married to the heir Joseph Getty, a great -grandson of the legendary magnate of the oil John Paul Getty.They have two children: Gene Honor, four years old, and Jupiter Mark, two, who have been part of the Damitas and Pajes group.The National Gallery, the most important Museum of Art in London, has recently appointed Sabine Getty Co-president of ‘Young Ambassadors’, its new initiative to capture young patrons and patrons.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

All family and friends have been parading for a large blue carpet that has been deployed at the entrance of the cathedral.In the image we see the fashion photographer Nikolai von Bismarck.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

The socialite, British designer and writer Alice Naylor-Leyland with her daughter Nancy.She is a great friend of the Noviso, in fact, the rebound that Philippos and Nina did in England a few months ago was in her house.The fashion blogger and influencer, she usually writes a column in the British edition of the magazine ¡Hi!Fashion

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Although we did not see it with the other guests, Eugenie Niarchos has shared this photo in which he is accompanied by Argentine businessman Martin Pacanowski.Eugenie is the second daughter of the British aristocrat Victoria Guinness, heiress of the family that owns the popular Irish beer, and Philippos Niarchos, son of the multimillionaire Greek shipowner Stavros Niarchos, considered one of the largest impressionist and modern art collectors in the world.Eugenie is a fashion designer and has her own jewelry brand, which is called Venyx.She belongs to the circle of friends of the Casiraghi for several years, in fact she is one of the best friends of Carlota and Tatiana Santo Domingo.In addition to designing jewels, she has a Master in Fashion Management at the American University of London.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark, Uncle Second of Queen Sofia, along with her wife, who has opted for a colorful jacket with a striking stamped in fuchsia, white and black tones.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Chantal Hochuli, mother of Christian and Ernst de Hannover, has opted for a spring green dressed.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Sabine Getty and Alice Naylor-Leyland, intimate friends of the bride, have posed with their daughters, who have been part of the bridal courtship.In addition, they have accompanied their respective husbands Joseph Getty, great-grandson of the legendary oil magnate John Paul Getty, and the aristocrat Tom Naylor-Leyland, son of Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland, which is a direct descendant of the Wentworth-Fitzwilliam dynasty.

Boda Philippos de Grecia y Nina Flohr: invitados

Philippos and Nina have had the presence of many relatives and friends of their intimate circle that have accompanied them in the cathedral of the Annunciation of Santa María (also known as Metropolitan Cathedral), which has a lot of meaning for the Greek royal family.It was the temple in which the parents of the boyfriend, Constantine and Ana María de Grecia, sealed their love in 1964, just like the uncles of Philippos, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, who married there 59 years ago.

- We remember the wedding of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía in the Athens Cathedral, the same scenario as his nephew

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The exclusive list of guests at the Philippos wedding of Greece and Nina Flohr
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