The IES Torre de los Herberos decorates the center with a book a tile

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Almost 200 publications include this activity of the IES Torre de los Herberos

A special decoration can be seen throughout the IES Torre de los Herberos.The courtyards and part of the center have been ornamented with tenders on which books are found.

The Department of Language and Literature of the IES Torre de los Herberos has been working on this activity around Book Day, April 23, and from this week you can see the work result.

From the aforementioned department they tell us that the alamando from 1st to 4th of ESO has participated and that they have all been very "motivated and involved when doing the work".Besides, they want to highlight that PMAR students - learning and performance improvement teacher - has collaborated in the realization of posters.

More than 200 publications

El IES Torre de los Herberos decora el centro con un tendedero de libros

In book tenders, distributed throughout the IES Torre de los Herberos, you can find covers of classical literature publications-El Quijote, La Celestina, ...-, Infant-certain stories-, contemporary, ... the titles are accompanied by phrasesmythical of each edition and that characterizes them.

This is the first time that this activity is carried out at the IES Torre de los Herberos- although they have always commemorated the Book Day- and the entire educational community is very happy with the result.In addition, the students were given to choose books to do the work and many of those of 1st and 2nd of ESO opted for those of the reading animation program, which the Nazarene City Council is underway through two fun sisters.Others preferred titles that they liked as the Harry Potter saga.

Book clotheslines, which can be visualized on the social networks of the center, have received many good comments.These are expected to remain in the institute until this course ends.

The IES Torre de los Herberos decorates the center with a book a tile
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