These are some of the brands ‘Made in Spain’ that can be given at Christmas

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Spanish signatures such as You are the princess, Vidorreta or Scotta 1985 offer perfect (and conscious) alternatives to enjoy and give these parties

The dreaded dates come to which the kings and oh!Invades a tremendous laz.So the Christmas muses are invoked and a little inspired ‘out of the box’, or what is the same, get out of the typical.

These parties are committed to quality products made in our country.If something has taught the pandemia, it is time to enjoy and celebrate -as well demonstrates the tendency of the “optimistic luxury” that will mark 2022 -but also to support and bet on the local.There are countless, small and medium signatures, which produce locally in Spain and have managed to stay afloat after these convulsive times."We can't think of better tribute and better Christmas purpose than this.Because Christmas ‘Made in Spain’ are possible ".

Sophie et voilà

Sophie et voilà es la firma que da nombre a las creaciones de la diseñadora bilbaína Sofía Arribas, especializada en moda nupcial e invitadas.Its expansion in just a decade overwhelms.Currently, it has 63 points of sale at an international scale, including spaces in France, China, Singapore, Germany, Japan and South Korea, and with two ateliers: the first one is located in Bilbao and symbolizes the origin of the house;The second is in the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca.The secret of your success?Architectural and refined collections that look like works of art.


Estas son algunas de las marcas ‘made in Spain’ que se pueden regalar en Navidad

Run by José and Arturo Vidorreta and Lurdes Pomar, children and daughter -in -law of the founder, this firm born in La Rioja in 1979 Inventa, season after season.Today is present in more than 50 countries around the world and in the main international fairs.Devidorreta collections mix the latest trends with the careful elaboration of a spectacular team of artisans and artisans.

You are the princess

Fundada hace tan solo tres años por Carlota Pérez Sáez, la firmaYou are the princess, con base en Madrid, se distribuye en los retailers de belleza más importantes del país, como Primor, Maquillalia o Guapabox, entre muchos otros.There is talk of a brand with more than 3.000 Fashion, beauty, jewelry and technology references that annually invoice 5 million euros.Thanks to its pink, careful, precious aesthetics and unbeatable prices it has become a community and is a lifestyle.


Joys nace para dar respuesta a la creciente necesidad por tener joyas sobrias, posibles e intercambiables, hechas con materiales de calidad y a un precio razonable.Or, in other words: reformulate the pillars of traditional jewelry and propose new and exciting paths to give body to these ‘low cost’ accessories.Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are recognized with the naked eye on Instagram without being labeled. Es prácticamente imposible ser usuario de esta red social y no haber visto nunca las piezas de Joys.With an ultra refined design but loaded with small details, all of them under the leitmotiv 24/7: at any time and any day of the week.

Charo Ruiz

It is inevitable not to speak Decharo Ruiz when you think about Ibizan fashion.The firm, born in the late 1970.Natural fabrics, cotton voile, brocades, lace and tiptoe of Guipur continue to maintain the essence and respect the concept of freedom raised since its inception, claiming femininity in each of the garments.The rigor in the creative process and the technical development of the collections is the challenge that Charo and his team consider each season to achieve the personality and the perfect style for its four product lines: Women's Collection, Bride, Ceremony and Footwear.With almost 200 national and international points of sale, Charo Ruiz Ibiza is present in countries such as Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

Polo Club

The Ilicitanapolo Club firm, founded in 2012, offers a careful selection of classical aesthetic garments with an original and distinctive touch.The label advocates the ‘Slow Fashion’ by means.


Creada en 2016,Custom es una empresa de joyería de venta online afincada en Barcelona.Founded by Susana Fuentes, produces 100% custom silver and gold jewelry, designed in Spain. La fuerza de la oferta de Custom radica en que permite crear joyas totalmente personalizables de forma sencilla: primero se elige la joya y después se añade un mensaje, un dibujo o ambos, creándolo o seleccionándolo de entre sus exclusivos diseños, consiguiendo así una pieza totalmente única.


The firmakoahari, based in Valencia, specializes in party dresses.Its proposal offers an affordable luxury that differs from other market brands for its philosophy: quality, sustainability and timelessness.Production is done by hand in its only atelier following the umbrella of the most exquisite sewing processes and artisan manufacturing.His repertoire includes different options for lingerie dresses by Silhouette Bodycon prepared, in any case, to enhance the figure of the woman.

Scotta 1985

Scotta 1985 is a Spanish male fashion brand that makes high quality clothing and accessories with a classic and timeless design.It was born in Madrid in 2014 under the influence of a cosmopolitan, free and adventurous lifestyle;closely related to the world of motorcycles and sport in general.It materializes its philosophy in collections where the preparation and detail are the protagonists.The firm is committed to a 100% Mediterranean product, with the use of Italian tissues and the preparation of almost all of its production in the Iberian Peninsula.


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These are some of the brands ‘Made in Spain’ that can be given at Christmas
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