Thus Luce Letizia the great international firms: from Chanel to Valentino passing through Prada

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La noticia de la semana en el mundo royal, y eso que solo estamos a martes, es que doña Letizia recuperó para la recepción al cuerpo diplomático un vestido de Valentino que perteneció a su suegra, la reina Sofía. Fue en 1977 cuando la ahora emérita llevó este vestido del diseñador italiano en una visita de Estado a Alemania. Cuarenta y cuatro años después, ha sido su nuera la que ha aparecido en el Palacio Real luciendo aquel modelo. Un vestido formado por cuerpo de escote redondo y mangas transparentes ligeramente abullonadas, con un delicado bordado de flores en color rosa y con hojas verdes, del mismo tono de la falda. Así luce Letizia las grandes firmas internacionales: de Chanel a Valentino pasando por Prada Así luce Letizia las grandes firmas internacionales: de Chanel a Valentino pasando por Prada

Valentino thus adds to the list of international designers in which Mrs. Letizia has trusted.There are many great firms that have a hole in her majesty dressing room, from Chanel to Stella McCartney through Armani, Yves Saint Laurent or Hermes.


The queen does not have any garments of the French Maison, unless we know, but two peers of slopes: the star, which looked both during her stage and princess of Asturias, and these of the photograph, called plum, which, whichThey represent a pen made with diamonds and white gold.Its price is 6,400 euros.

Bottega Veneta

The queen keeps this blue dress from the Italian firm in her closet, with butterfly embroidery, short sleeve, neckline in 'V', pleated skirt and long midi.She has since 2017, and the following year she added to her dressing the mythical black Knot model, the fashionable clutch between celebrities and royals.


Así luce Letizia las grandes firmas internacionales: de Chanel a Valentino pasando por Prada

Doña Letizia had shone during her princess many Burberry garments, including bags, but perhaps the most iconic model of the British firm is the one that she carried on her state visit to the United Kingdom: a trench -style dress in Bordeaux that sat like a glove.

Stella McCartney

With his mouth, Dona Letizia left us in 2018 when she appeared on the 50th birthday of King Guillermo Alejandro de Holland with this impressive red dress with the firm of the daughter of The Beatles member.A red carpet design for one of our queen's most top moments.


Giorgio Armani was the designer chosen for one of his great days: the announcement of his marriage commitment to Don Felipe in 2003. A two white pieces that he is still talking about -and more after he rescued him again in 2019 in Morocco -.The Queen keeps her garments from the different lines of the Italian firm in her closet: Armani Privé, Armani Collezioni, Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani.Her last premiere of her?This black straight line dress that she wore in Italy's visit to Spain.

Nina Ricci

Puig, the Spanish fashion company, has Carolina Herrera among its signatures, as well as Nina Ricci.Hence it is so common to see the queen wearing the designs of these two signatures.Although Ricci has much less garments than Herrera, the truth is that some of her are as remembered as this vertical stripe dress in different shades with which she caused a sensation.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Doña Letizia is very fan of red, and in her closet she has numerous dresses of that color.In 2019 she joined this ferragamo, shirt -style, with original sleeves and long Midi.The design belongs to the spring-summer 2019 collection of the Italian firm and was valued at 1,650 euros.

Jimmy Choo

This accessories firm could not be missing in the dressing room of His Majestad, who in 2019 premiered these sandals, named Misty, in gold -colored leather with high stiletto heel and closing with ankle strap with side buckle.Its price is 675 euros.Also keep a small black hand portfolio from Choo.

Manolo Blahnik

Three are the pairs of 'manolos' that the queen possesses.The first, Dorados, she wore them in 2006 in the baptism of Leonor, and had to spend 14 years again to see her about Blahnik, these slingback style, with vinyl and black suede.The others, snake skin, she also premiered them in 2019.


The halls of Prada, which has both in black and nude, have become one of the queen's favorites.She usually shows them in her official acts, combining them almost with everything.


In 2006, in Portugal, the queen took this Birkin for the first and last time.Having one of these bags makes the holder a privileged who has had to go through an endless waiting list, although in the case of Doña Letizia it is unknown if for his position he had to follow this process or it was a gift from the firm.The question is ... why has she not taken again?

Yves Saint Laurent

The queen has several models of the firm, among them is this raw color with which she was photographed at a dinner with her father and her wife before the royal wedding.It is the mythical bad mombasa model, valued at 2,000 euros, and we saw it in 2005 and again in 2012 in the delivery of the Cervantes Prize.

Thus Luce Letizia the great international firms: from Chanel to Valentino passing through Prada
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