This is what generation Z has to teach us about sustainability

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La generación Z está cambiando las reglas de la moda, transformando su activismo ambiental y social en hábitos de consumo que incorporan a su estilo de vida.

Por Pia ReyEsto es lo que la Generación Z tiene para enseñarnos sobre sustentabilidad Esto es lo que la Generación Z tiene para enseñarnos sobre sustentabilidad

The Z generation is being done every day to hear more strong.And what motivates them?Neither more nor less than demanding changes to world leaders so that their decisions are more sustainable with our planet, with the certainty that their convictions matter and have the ability to transform the future with their voice, expressing themselves.

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By Greta Thunberg

On September 24, young people took the streets around the world to ask for concrete actions to reverse the climatic crisis we are going through.Commanded by Fridays for Future, the young people organized a protest with global reach that resonated in all of us with great power.Something that surprises, moves and inspires the Z generation, these young people who were born in the mid -90s and mid -2000's, is their ability to affirm their convictions, to trust the transforming power of their words and bring their struggleto the highest spheres.But the most important thing is that their activism and environmental commitment are reflected in their consumption habits and in the way they have to link with the world.

In a conversation with Tom Pattinson for the first edition of Vogue Scandinavia, Greta Thunberg, the voice of environmental activism of the GEN Z, acknowledged that ‘the last time I bought something new was three years ago, and it was second -hand.Now, I only take borrowing things from people I know ’.This generation, which was born with Internet access and social networks, is rewriting the fashion rules from a more community and inclusive place, where DIY (do it yourself) and the truque, the purchase of vintage clothes, pre-Owned or second -hand are the rule.‘If we look throughout history, the largest groups of people who had a positive impact were led by young people.That shows the power that young people have, and that gives me hope, ”says Greta Thunberg.

What can we learn from generation Z?

According to a study developed by the United Nations Development Program and the University of Oxford, 69% of adolescents around the world believe that climate change is an emergency.And they do not simply remain with the idea, they want the world to know, and that the brands begin to take action to protect their future and that of our planet.In the year in which various reports recognized the impact that the human being has on climate change, the referents of generation Z remind us that activism is also in daily actions, and that carrying them forward amplifies the message by infecting the rest.

Esto es lo que la Generación Z tiene para enseñarnos sobre sustentabilidad

‘I create activism down to our day to day in every decision we make: what we decided to eat, what we decided to read, what we decided to study.I study the right with focus on human rights and environmental law thanks to my activism, ”confirms Nicole Becker, the Argentine activist who fights for climatic justice.When seeing how his environmental consciousness is reflected in his daily habits, Becker acknowledges that ‘3 years ago I am a vegetarian, 4 since I stopped eating red meat, and a year ago it is that I am almost vegan.I don't rethink it anymore, it is a habit that I have super internalized.The same thing happens with the habit of bicycle.Sometimes one thinks about the changes that one makes from environmental consciousness as bad changes, but they are not ’.

What is the relationship Z with fashion?

‘I like dressing that I express my ideas from what I use, with garments that identify me, and that is not contradicted by buying things without damaging the environment.In recent years I stop buying a lot.For the referents of this generation, sustainable fashion or buying holding sustainable designers is still out of reach, which is why they resort to vintage or second -hand clothing without any prejudice.What matters to them is to reduce consumption and when it is done, that it has the least possible impact.

For Athena Chen, WGSN Insight 'senior strategistre-commerce.These young buyers are redefining the concept of having ’.But for those who are part of this generation, it is not only about buying used clothes and with history, but also to give a new life to a garment they already had.DIY's tendency is rage in Tiktok and Depop, two of the platforms most used by GEN Z, where thousands of consumers are learning to recycle and reuse their garments before discarding them.

Dressing with responsibility is the secret of generation Z

The consciousness that generation Z has on the impact that their actions have on our planet leads them to seek the best alternative they have within their reach.For them, consume the way we had been doing it is no longer possible.Fast-Fashion is not a viable option, and consuming sustainable fashion for the simple fact of buying, it is not justified.This is explained by Nicole Becker when he says that ‘there is a fact that the UN has that says that 80% of the things we buy do not use them even once.That seems to me crazy.And that is not replaced by having sustainable clothes.The key is to think every time we are going to buy something, if it is something we need and what a background impact it has ’.

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The key, according to the young activist is to find a balance between consuming sustainable fashion or consciously responsible brands, consuming less in general, to reduce textile garbage.

This is what generation Z has to teach us about sustainability
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