This Oysho jacket has a battery to regulate the heat that also recharges your mobile

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Down jackets are in fashion so almost all fashion brands have a version this winter season.

The advantages for which they are successful are obvious, they protect from the cold but are very light, so they are perfect for doing sports at low temperatures. Although they have become so popular that they are an urban trend this season.

If you are looking for one, Oysho has a pen with which you will surely make a difference thanks to the technology it incorporates.

It is a heated padded jacket with 3 heating areas: a front area, a rear area or both areas.

Oysho, the chain that was born 20 years ago to compete with Women'secret for the lingerie and swimwear business

Esta chaqueta de Oysho lleva una batería con la que regular el calor que además te recarga el móvil

To activate them, it has a battery that allows you to select the part where you want to increase the temperature. To turn it on you just have to press a button that the down jacket has in its pocket. You can also regulate the temperature level in medium, low or high.


The battery also allows you to charge your mobile phone and other devices wirelessly or through its own cable in one of the three available ports that it incorporates. So in addition to fighting the cold, your jacket can serve as an external charger.

As it is still a warm garment, it incorporates typical characteristics of this type of clothing. Made of polyester and polyamide, it has a hood and is capable of repelling water. According to its label, it has been tested in laboratories to withstand extreme temperatures between -20º and +10º.

Perfect for any winter event and especially for those who tend to run low on battery, the price of the Oysho jacket is 119 euros and it is available on their website.

This Oysho jacket has a battery to regulate the heat that also recharges your mobile
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