Three tips to clean old coins and preserve their value

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Of various sizes, values ​​and colors, dozens of coins are quoted daily on the web and, depending on their state, they can be sold at a more expensive price, therefore, in this space we will present how to clean the coins with items that are easy to access and from home.

Before revealing the procedure to keep them in good condition, it is important to know that in case one of the tiny pieces has a patina, then it will be better to leave it as is and not clean it, since the patina it gives them value. The patina is a layer of oxide, greenish or purple, that forms on the metal due to humidity.

If you require a more professional and thorough cleaning, it is advisable to go to a numismatics store, which studies and is based on the collection of objects such as paper money, medals or coins.

Nor should it be rubbed with any other material that could damage the coin. Yes, they can be brushed gently with some type of special towel.

-Tips for cleaning

Three tips for cleaning old coins and preserve their value

Use alcohol and salt.

*The first step is to mix the two ingredients.

*A tip is that for every glass and a half of alcohol used, three tablespoons of salt should be added.

*Then the coins will be placed at the bottom, to let them rest for at least three days, once they are removed, they can be cleaned with a piece of cotton or absorbent paper.

Warm water, neutral liquid soap and olive oil.

*In this case, the metals should be separated in a large container to prevent them from sticking together.

*They will have to be left to rest for at least 30 minutes.

*If the stain does not come out, you can submerge it for 15 more minutes in olive oil.

*When removing them, they can be dried with a piece of absorbent paper or a cloth and brush them gently if necessary.


*Rinse the piece with cold water without rubbing.

*Place them in a tub with vinegar and hot water (same amounts).

*Prevent coins from sticking together.

*Let them rest for at least 30 minutes.

*When removing them, rinse again with cold water and dry with absorbent paper.

Clean or not, a great variety of coins and bills are offered on the internet every day, with prices ranging from the most accessible to the unimaginable, such is the case of a coin with an original value of 1 peso, which was Released between the 70s and 80s.

According to Banxico, it is a piece of the AA family, which began its withdrawal process in 1992. It is currently demonetized so they are not valid

However, this tiny coin, with a diameter of 29.0 mm, is listed on electronic commerce sites such as Mercado Libre at high prices.

Meanwhile, another case of a low-denomination coin is sold at exorbitant prices on the web, since the natural value of the metal is 50 cents; however, there are those who offer it for up to more than 10,000 pesos.

Banco de México frequently designs new and unique banknotes to avoid counterfeiting, the security, validity and duration elements are the most significant changes.


This 1 peso coin is sold on the internet for up to 9,999 pesos
A coin of just 50 cents fetch exorbitant prices online
The 100-peso bill that was awarded internationally is already offered on the internet for up to 18,670 pesos

Three tips to clean old coins and preserve their value
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