Verónica de la Canal: "Fashion is not frivolity"

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She does not give stitch without thread.Yes, it looks like a cliché, but the truth is that when it comes to Verónica de la Canal, action and reinvestment it is a constant in her career.The designer who began with her haute couture brand in full crisis of 2001, again challenges difficult times and disembarks in the industry with an urban line.Because the Colorada is an inveterate romantic and a tireless fighter, knows what their dreams are and is not afraid to persecute them despite the circumstances.

It respects fashion and knows that it is much more than pretty clothes, because fashion speaks of people and the times that run, so during quarantine it began to design tapping and now seeks to conquer buyers with urban, comfortable and chic clothesand celebrates the launch of a new trendy space in Palermo, Urban Deluxe.In addition, the designer who met popularity after having participated as a jury of the reality “cut and clothing” with Fabián Zitta and Benito Fernández, is the mother of a 13 -year -old teenager and already thinks about creating a line for boys from boys from that age.

News: What feelings awakens you face this new project after such a difficult year for the local industry?

Verónica de la Canal: with the pandemia I did, like most, was to try to reinvent me.Especially the textile item and everything related to haute couture, it was complicated as there are no parties or events.You had to think about keeping us.I love to create and design.For a while we were unable to create, I had abstinence of that.At the beginning of the Pandemia Armé Author Tapabocas, with different embroidery and materials, to feel more glamorous.Fashion is not frivolity, through fashion we count who we are, how we are.What I began to notice at the beginning of quarantine was that the tapping spoke of us, he joined our personality.When I created the page, I attached a pret-a-porter line and a genderless clothing line to be at home, but pretty clothes, at first we were not only locked at home, but in pajamas, I gave depred.

News: How was it inspired for this urban line when it is so related to haute couture?

Verónica de la Canal: “La moda no es frivolidad”

From the channel: For the pret-a-porter line at first I was inspired by my way of dressing from day to day.I went from the corser to the tailoring.I really like shirts, genres, details, monkeys, are garments that I use a lot.The urban line has a little more trap, but on the other hand, it also has a very baroque thing, with details that make it unique.I feel ambassador to my brand so the design line descent has to talk about me.I could never do something that doesn't have to do with me or what I would put on.

News: How would you define your style?

From the channel: most garments are a reflection of my personality.Once they told me that I am like the Mozart of Fashion, he made incredible music, but it was half a rebel, transgressor, I am that.My fashion has a lot of romanticism, a lot of art, but in turn transgresses.

News: How do you analyze the design industry in Argentina?

From the channel: in Argentina the designers we manage to lung, it is a race that you have to love, we do not have large corporations where the designer can simply devote to create.Here each designer generates their brand.More in these times of pandemia, in other parts of the world fashion is important for the economy of the countries, but here it is not seen from that place.The clothing was one of the most affected items.I try to look at the positive side of things.When circumstances occur, our maximum potential must be shown.

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News: What is your first memory with fashion?

From the channel: I still have the feeling of my first parade, where I absolutely took care of everything.I started in 2001, in a complicated situation in the country, I presented a very particular haute couture line, with corset, colors, at a difficult time for Argentina.I believe that one has to believe in dreams, in what he does and be faithful to oneself, in his style.

News: How do you see the place of women in the fashion world?

From the channel: little by little women we are settling and stepping stronger, before the woman was more relegated.There is a fight of powers, I think you have to look for balance and work alongside.Everything is a process, at some point we will understand that it is not a competition and the world will be better.

News: How did you change your career after your participation in "Court and Confection"?

From the channel: it was super important, my brand was known and I was known as a designer, my dresses were identified, but all from the character of the character."Corte.Divine things write me by networks, that people know you from the place of person, transfer the screen, it is incredible, the love of the people is invaluable.I hope it returns, it was a divine program that showed the fashion backstage, the process that has a garment.

And how is the Backstage of the woman who dressed Xuxa, Nacha Guevara, Mirtha Legrand, Susana Giménez, Guillermina Valdés, Tini Stoessel, Lali Espósito, Luisana Lopilaato and who dreams of dressing Madonna - "is a transgressor like me,” he says- And that your brand is known internationally.She is Valentino's mother, 13 years old and is in a couple more than 20 with Fabián Vizio, who has two children of a previous marriage.

News: What is Verónica Madre?

From the channel: for me I am re canchera, but it would be necessary to ask him.I am aware that I like to spoil the people I love, it gives me pleasure, I am very host, I always invite people home, I like to entertain the other.I try to accompany him, not to drown him, to be a mother's mother.I want my son to count on me, more in these times, try to advise him, show him more or less what this is, but I know he will have to experience it for himself.I think I'm a quite Canchera mother.

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News: And in the couple is as romantic as their designs?

From the channel: I have a little and a little.I am quite relaxed in general, I like to let the other be, I do not have much intensity in the couple.I think one has to accompany, everything is two.Yes I like surprising, there is a vein with some romanticism, but I enjoy simple things.The important thing is respect and affection.

News: It was a difficult year in which he had to lose his father following the Covid, how did he overcome that situation?

From the channel: I still did not come out.I try to put good vibes, I'm not showing my feelings so much.But my dad still has it very much to the skin, it was very recently and it had been a short time since I had lost my mother.I did not finish closing a duel that joined another.We cling a lot with my brother, we are more united than ever.The love of the family is what gets you ahead.It is a stage that will take time.It is difficult, when they told me that I had tested positive for Covid I felt weird, because you don't know how it will affect you, I was asymptomatic, nothing happened to me, I was only isolated, but my dad affected him and I felt noI could say goodbye.My dad was a super energetic person, an artist, I went from seeing him well and at 15 days he was no longer and I couldn't even say goodbye.I know that somewhere my parents are accompanying me.

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