Vopero: the online pre-owned clothing store that promotes circularity

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What can we do with the clothes we no longer wear? This virtual community has the solution, offering a circular and sustainable service.

By Pia King Vopero: la tienda online de ropa pre-owned que promueve la circularidad

Circular fashion is already part of our system, which is why pre-owned clothing platforms, such as Vopero, have earned a place among our favorite stores. Buying clothes that were already used or pre-owned and that have a history, as well as recycling and re-circulating the garments that we have in our wardrobes, have become consumption habits that we have adopted naturally and consciously throughout our lives. these last few years. In addition to the need to combat the climate crisis that we are going through, the brake forced by the pandemic also led us to reconsider all the actions that we did in a more ethical way.

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Yes, the future of fashion is pronounced sustainable, zero waste and circular

By Pia King

Vopero: la tienda online de ropa pre-owned que promueve la circularidad

The feeling is that there is a certain need to refine and clean up the old ways we have of buying, those that led us to believe that clothes were disposable, that it was better to pay less and have more. This change in attitude that is taking place leads us, today, to have a more loving and respectful look with those pieces (clothes, shoes or accessories) that we acquire, to choose quality fabrics and finishes, and to try to prolong the life of wearing those clothes as much as possible. So it is that repairing our clothes has become a revolutionary act, as Orsola Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution, already said in the title of her latest book Loved clothes last. And what better than receiving love as long as possible!

Vintage, pre-owned or re-sale or restock clothing stores are in vogue today, with the same meaning: to value garments for what they are and the work they carry with them in order to prolong their useful life as much as possible. . All this without neglecting the service and attention, which are usually decisive when choosing where to buy. Under these premises, Vopero was created, a virtual platform for the purchase and sale of pre-owned clothing that is opening its way through a circular and sustainable perspective.

What is Voper?

Created by three entrepreneurs from Uruguay, Vopero is a virtual platform where you can buy and sell used clothes, which allows those who visit it to access pieces from the wardrobes of those who make up this community. The project that began as an undertaking developed during the pandemic in Uruguay by Maggie Ferber, Ignacio Cattivelli and Ale Esperanza, recently landed in Mexico to promote a sustainable and circular shopping style through technology.

What is the hallmark of Vopero?

The value of this store is found in the respect and value acquired by all the garments or accessories that are exposed. The history of each piece is essential to give it a new life, a new use with a view to the future. All the garments that make up the brand's catalog are specially selected by the team, which is in charge of fine-tuning them so that they can find new hands to wear them.

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This store has the secret to wear luxury pieces in a sustainable way

By Pia King

How does Vopero work?

Transparency is key in the process of exchanging garments in the application, both to buy and to sell, which is why they created a simple and clear system to organize the entry and exit of garments. Those who want to sell will receive a bag at home, which will then be removed so that each garment can be checked. Those that are in good condition will be uploaded to the platform, and those that are not sent to the Imaginalco Foundation, where they will be recycled to give them a new use and delivered to those who need it most. In this way, the cycle of garments is closed and nothing is discarded, they are simply given a new use.

Vopero: the online pre-owned clothing store that promotes circularity
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