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According to the report "Fashion Value: 'Pricing'" in the fashion industry, which has had the support of Clearpay, 78% of Spaniards declare themselves proud of buying discounted clothing (almost 10% more than in 2015) . “This data highlights the role of offers in the fashion sector as the main driving force for consumers when purchasing their favorite items. However, they must not forget how important it is to carry out a conscious, responsible and planned consumption based on their economic sustainability and not on impulsive purchases that, on numerous occasions, make us spend above our limits”, Beatriz points out in a statement. Velarde, country manager of Clearpay in Spain.

We buy more, yes, but we prepare ourselves better and we feel satisfied about it, as is the case with millennials, who boast of buying a pair of jeans for 9 euros on third sales. This time of discounts provides the opportunity to get those products that we need or want at a lower price at a time when responsible purchasing has become more important than ever. Not only do we feel happy about buying cheaper, but we actively seek it to optimize our purchases, as shown by the Fashion Value report, where 66% of Spaniards say that they always look for deals when buying fashion.

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At the same time, the age of shoppers also plays an important role in their willingness to purchase discount fashion items. For this reason, and following the data provided by the report, the people who buy the most in sales, and those who give the most priority to saving, are those between the ages of 35 and 54. More than half of her fashion purchases are at some kind of discount. Similarly, they are closely followed by those over 55, who spend 48 out of every 100 euros on discount clothing.

Social networks as a promotion platform for the youngest

On the other hand, it can be seen that Generation Z, the first 100% digital generation, uses social networks as their main channel to get discounts and buy on sales. The current trend that prevails in the youngest is to search TikTok for promotional codes and tricks to get hold of the clothes that fashion influencers almost always show in haul videos. They also want to save, but on fashion items promoted by their referrers. For their part, millennials, although they do not resort to these new digital trends, are the ones who most look for “bargains” and buy 4 out of ten garments in these first months of the year.

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Your privacy is important for us
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