Zidane's roadmap: "Soccer is no longer a matter of money for him, but with a heart"

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L'Equipe desvela las intenciones del técnico tras dejar el Real Madrid: familia y la selección francesaLa hoja de ruta de Zidane: La hoja de ruta de Zidane:


Zidane left.He left Real Madrid.The second goodbye of the coach to the white team arrived less than a week after the end of the course, on May 27 to be exact.Month and a half after that day, the Mr. is calm, waiting for other destinations, rather of the only bench he wants, because he only contemplates a possibility for the future.

The newspaper L'Equipe analyzes how Zinedine has done in all this time without training and announces the plans he has for his future that only pass to training the selection of France.But that will have to be later, since Deschamps has been confirmed in office to the 2022 World Cup. However, Zizou is not in a hurry.

The technician is clear about what he wants.He has even rejected, according to the information of the Galo newspaper, very important offers of England, of the Gulf and Asia."Football is no longer a matter of money for him, but of heart," says a source close to the Mr. that quotes L'Equipe."And there will always be four places that will have preference for him: Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid and the selection of France," he continues.

His wife and children

La hoja de ruta de Zidane:

For Zidane now the first thing is the family.His Véronique's wife and his four children.He wants to enjoy them, what he could not while he was training."When I was a Real Madrid coach, and more the second time with Covid-19, Zinedine almost only lived for the club. He got up every day at 6 in the morning to be in Valdebebas at 7:30 and was thereUntil seven in the afternoon. He had the same lifestyle as when he was a player, "he says in L'Equipe one of his relatives.

Zinedine only glimpses a horizon for his career: the bench of France.Zizou is always attentive when it comes to the selection."Let time and events continue its course, you don't wantEquipeQuestion of patience ...

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Zidane's roadmap: "Soccer is no longer a matter of money for him, but with a heart"
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