Color block, the trend that never goes out of style and that you should try NOW with these five rules

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TrendsWelcome spring with the color block trend that with LACOSTE will brighten your style and attitude to your wardrobe.


If there is something we love about spring, it is the vibrant hues that color the environment, and now, they take over your closet to give a splash of color to your style with the color block trend, which you have surely seen everywhere, but what is this obsession with 'color blocks'?

It's all about wearing plain clothes in bright colors like purple, yellow, blue, green, and more, and layering them together to create contrast and literally create these blocks of color in your look, which looks amazing and you can make it so casual. or formal as you like. The best thing about this trend is daring to be different, to experiment with our imagination and with our tastes; This has been the inspiration for the new LACOSTE collection in collaboration with Polaroid, which seeks to give this 2021 a touch of good vibes to forget about 2020, and see the present from a different perspective, much more colorful and fun.


If something characterizes this trend, it is that basic garments such as t-shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans are the best option to wear color blocking, because they allow the color to shine in all its splendor. To be a real pro, wear plain clothes without prints, otherwise you could look saturated. Look for minimalist pieces, in which the color stands out, like in this dress that we loved from LACOSTE.


Just like the LACOSTE creatives who sought to make a collaboration with the iconic Polaroid brand inspired by its rainbow logo, which invites us to feel happy, motivated, fun, create your color looks that make you feel with the best attitude.

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Fortunately, in this trend there are no rules and you can combine the colors you want, they can be your favorites and those that just seeing them make you feel good. The winning combinations that we have seen in street style are green+yellow+orange, red+purple+pink, orange+green+blue. You choose!


There is nothing that gives an upgrade to any look than the perfect accessory, so also opt for belts, glasses, bucket hats, bags, jewelry in vibrant tones to add color blocking, just remember that it is important that they are in contrasting tones. with each other, and with the clothes you are wearing. For example, wear a red dress with a hot pink or purple belt, but don't add metallic colors like gold or silver (especially on the buckles), as it can make you look old-fashioned. Bucket hats and caps are still a must this year, not only because they look super cool, but because they protect you from the sun with style. Bet on one, it's a win with any outfit.


Color blocking actually works with everything, the idea is to let your imagination run wild and you dare to wear these colors that we sometimes forget in the closet, but if you still don't dare to wear it at its best, and you want to wear something that make you feel more energetic and positive, shoes are a great alternative. They can be totally one color, or white with colored details. There are no limits!


The top influencers suggest us to wear the color blocks in the same color palette, because we want them to contrast with each other, but without losing harmony. So you can combine warm colors with warm, cold with cold, neon with neon or pastel, but never between these, because the result may not be what you expected.

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Color block, the trend that never goes out of style and that you should try NOW with these five rules
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