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The retro aesthetic is a trend both in the world of decoration and in that of beauty (makeup, hairstyles, accessories and haircuts) and, of course, in fashion. Specifically, one of the most successful aesthetics is that of the 70s, in all its dimensions.

From flare jeans (high-waisted and wide-legged) to thigh-high boots, through metallic finishes, crochet garments, halter necklines, heeled loafers and headscarves, all of it, keeping in mind the unmistakable explosion of color typical of these times.

Geometric prints are the next step that every fashionista must go through this season and the options to integrate them into the "look" are very varied.

Geometric print: how to wear it

These are “prints” with a 3D effect that are inspired by the psychedelic seventies prints, both in shapes and colors. Rhombuses, squares, triangles, circles in both winter tones and the classic seventies ocher can be seen this season in all kinds of garments: blouses, t-shirts, mini dresses, pants, scarves, coats, jackets, etc.

¿Te apuntas a la tendencia de estampado geométrico setentero que ves por todas partes? - Bulevar Sur

The key to bringing this trend to life is to combine pieces with geometric prints with plain basic garments that contrast with the profusion of geometric shapes. Although it is also possible to take risks by combining geometric prints, especially if we are talking about the same pattern in different sizes. It is the option that actress Kirsten Dunst opted for (and won) during the last edition of the Venice Film Festival.

We can also leave all the weight of the “look” to a single main piece with a seventies print, as is the case with a dress, whether long, midi or miniskirt, like Sara Carbonero's.

In the case of midi dresses with a geometric print, we can reuse them for different occasions depending on the accessories with which we accompany them. For day to day, with ankle boots or high boots. For special days, with pumps or sandals they are also ideal.

Another option is to complement a basic "look" in neutral colors with a jacket or coat with this "vintage" geometric print, as the "influencer" María Pombo did on her day.

Specifically, coats with geometric prints in vitamin tones are ideal for brightening up day-to-day outfits and adding a touch of color to our look.

It can also be a miniskirt with a seventies print that we combine with a plain top and high boots, in the purest retro style, as in this Zara proposal.

Or pants that add all the color to the “look”, like this one from Zara featuring a “culotte” with a seventies print.

And for lovers of the "total look", nothing better than interpreting the trend in the key of a jacket and matching trousers, accompanied by a shirt or t-shirt in a light tone. It is an interesting option to have in your wardrobe as it is very versatile, being able to combine both the top and the bottom with other garments, giving rise to other outfits with that retro touch.

It's time to give our dressing room the retro touch that was missing to be fashionable this season. We only have to decide if we will bet on a main garment combined with a more neutral style or if we will dare with a total look with this print inspired by the 70s.

 Do you join the seventies geometric print trend that you see everywhere?  - South Boulevard
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