Earth tones are a trend: eleven looks with which you will succeed this spring

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Earth tones are ideal for the coming months. If you thought they were more conducive to your autumn outfits, we guarantee that it is time to banish that thought and make way for the most elegant and flattering colors in your wardrobe. That is why we are so happy that earth tones are a trend this season and we will help inspire you to wear them with different looks.

These are shades that give light, remind us of the sand on the beach and they feel good whether you're brown or not, because they blend with the skin in a very natural way. In addition, there is a wide variety of shades to play with when creating our looks: camel, brown, sand, beige, chocolate... They never really go out of style, but this year they will have a great role.

They are part of our basic clothes in the closet, along with black and white, because although sometimes we do not pay them the attention they deserve, earth tones combine perfectly with each other and with other colors, such as green, red and blue. Get the freshest, most elegant and urban looks of the season thanks to the trendy earth tones that will conquer our outfits.

Camel pants and white shirt

We know that the white shirt for men works wonders with any look, but with camel pants it achieves a noteworthy luminosity and balance. Both garments complement each other perfectly and give the best of themselves without overlapping in the slightest.

Midi skirt and t-shirt

Earth tones are trending: eleven looks with which you will succeed this spring

Flared midi skirts are ideal for the most ladylike looks, and we love them in tan. It is true that if we wanted a sophisticated look for her we could combine it with a very feminine blouse, but the truth is that we are captivated by the urban touch that wearing it with a shirt gives it.

A total earth look

Earth tones combine perfectly in the same look. So if you have clothes in different shades, but within this same color range, go ahead, it's impossible to fail. A good trick is to incorporate a white top that gives a point of light and helps to balance the outfit.

Earth tones and dot print

We like the polka dot print on all garments and in all color combinations. It is cheerful, youthful and never goes out of style. The garments in earth tones combined with white polka dots achieve a delicacy and elegance that we cannot ignore and that we have well established.

With a scoop neck

The scoop neck has been one of the biggest trends of the year and it looks like it wants to stay in our closet. Both in shirts and dresses it gives a unique touch of distinction. So if you add wearing it on an earth-colored garment, the result is very chic.

Tie dye version

But combined with earth tones you manage to add two trends in a super natural look that you will want to wear at all times this summer.

Combined with green

Without a doubt it is one of the most flattering colors there is, although until recently we were reluctant to give it the privileged place it deserved. Now, luckily, we know that green looks wonderful and that combining it is easier than it seems. With earth tones it is complemented with luxury, and surely it is not a mixture that would have just come to mind. But, once discovered, we cannot stop thinking about it.

With a striped shirt

Another 100% infallible combo: sailor striped shirt with pants or a skirt in an earth tone. We are fans of this trendy combination that we cannot stop admiring each time we see it. Dark blue stripes work especially well, but red, green, or black do just as well.

Combined with blue

Blues, light or bright, and earthy tones make a great couple, bright, trendy and elegant. Colored blazers are a trend this spring, and blue ones are one of the most popular. Try wearing them with earth tone pants and you will see how much you like the look.

Suit version

Earth tones can provide that formal point that you need on certain occasions and that serves as a counterpoint to more daring designs. If you're dying for a suit with Bermuda shorts or shorts, but you don't want to lose seriousness and poise, make it an earthy tone and you can't go wrong.

With the infallible black

Combining earth tones with black is risk-free. Moreover, it is a guarantee of success. For those days when you need an effective look, but without complicating yourself in the slightest, this mix will make you succeed.



Earth tones are a trend: eleven looks with which you will succeed this spring
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