Exclusively: Juli Puente tells us about her plans for the future and her desire to become a mother

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The pandemic was the ideal opportunity for Juli Puente to turn her life around 360 degrees. Although he was working at El Trece where he practiced his profession as a journalist, his grounding cable was when he went running in the morning, an activity that he had to suspend for obvious reasons when the pandemic began.

Although lowering his arms is not an option for Juli Puente, he had to look for a new alternative to be able to channel all the energy he has on a daily basis and that is how he decided to start broadcasting his training sessions live on his Instagram .

Little by little and without considering the impact it had on its followers, from 400 people it became 22 thousand and the training began to have its own name "El Cardio de la Felicidad", that was just the beginning of the new life of Juli Puente .

With the support of his family and mainly his boyfriend, Facundo Miguelena, he was encouraged to pursue his dreams. Regarding her work as a journalist, Juli Puente told us: “It was where I had always wanted to be, but I didn't feel entirely happy, suddenly the quarantine emerged, which was darkness for everyone and in the midst of that darkness, I think that I was one of the lucky few, I managed to take a leap and start doing what I liked”.

Juli Puente had to find a way to train at home without being able to go running and seeing that none of the training sessions she saw on the internet convinced her, she asked her teachers to give her a routine and she did it live of Instagram where 400 people participated.

“This happiness I feel doing this, I don't feel it doing my job. I started studying, I took an intensive course, I took advantage of the quarantine and in a year I became a personal trainer, these training sessions began to be called 'Cardio de la Felicidad', and suddenly without thinking about it I've been two years and a month ago I was able to do it for the first time. Once live, I filled a stadium, it was at the Obras”, said Juli Puente.

After this transition process, her dreams are increasing, of making people train, she went on to have her own clothing brand "Booty Mabel" and dreams of being able to take the "Cardio de la Felicidad" live throughout the country. and abroad too, that is why it is preparing its first training app that is going to be international. In addition to physical exercises, she will include challenges, food plans and even prizes that promise to be incredible.

What Juli Puente thinks about motherhood

The personal trainer has been in a relationship for almost three years and beyond the fact that Facu is her personal producer, they also share coexistence. Although he currently travels a lot because he is a pilot, they are a great team that he has learned to complement each other in the best way.

Regarding motherhood, Juli Puente told us: “I would very much like to start a family with my boyfriend, get married, tomorrow, in a couple of years because I am not ready yet: to be a mother. I was half denied with the issue of having children and others, but he wants it at all costs and I want to get married at all costs.

Obviously, Facu had a lot to do with this change of mind by Juli Puente, he managed to convey his love for her family and thus be able to dream of the possibility of forming a family together, getting married and becoming parents. Although he imagines it in a few years.

Related to his future work, Juli Puente confessed to us that he would love to be in charge of an entertainment program where he can combine his two facets: journalist and personal trainer. A space where he can do entertainment journalism and train with viewers.

When we asked the journalist if she regretted something she had done in her life, she replied: “No, nothing. All the decisions I made were because at that moment I felt I wanted to do it, sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes wrong, but you also learn from those. Everything has led me to where I am today.”

Juli Puente is recognized as eager and dreamy, she constantly has new ideas to continue improving and growing professionally and personally. Many new things are coming, so you have to be attentive to the next movements that she is about to make.

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Exclusively: Juli Puente tells us about her plans for the future and her desire to become a mother
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