The hijab is also glamorous

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A woman goes to the hairdresser to get a modern or daring hairstyle, cut her hair or dye her hair, but what happens when she wears the hijab, the Muslim veil? Doesn't she have the right or desire to comb her hair?

Let's say she "combs her handkerchief".

What colors suit me best? How to wrap the scarf so that it fits more with the shape of my face? How many scarves would she need for the hairstyle? are some of the many questions that a veiled client asks her hairdresser before she does her hair.

Because for a woman who wears the hijab, the scarf goes from being a mere accessory to being a necessary garment that replaces hair and that must be cared for in the same way. Therefore, she should pay attention that it matches her clothes or suits her face.

The decision to cover your hair is for life, but that does not mean that you always wear the same scarf as it changes depending on when a special event or occasion occurs.

"Now veiled girls cannot deprive themselves of creative hairstyles with their headscarf, and sometimes they are even more beautiful than with a classic hairstyle on their hair," says Saadiya, a 26-year-old who, when invited to a wedding, thinks It is customary to go to the hairdresser's to have the scarf fixed.

Saadiya says that before going to her hairdresser, she consults the trends through the programs and the special "hijab" fashion pages or the infinity of tutorials posted on the internet with trends that mark especially Turkey and Egypt.

The hijab is also glamorous

In recent years, hairdressers have already taken care of this detail and began to learn various ways of wrapping the scarf to achieve a "fashionable look".

"The client comes to my salon with a set of at least two scarves and a series of pins, and I'm in charge of combing her hair," says a hairdresser from a salon in Salé, a neighboring city of Rabat. Sometimes some clients bring her her suit and ask her about the colors of the scarves they will need to combine.

And it is that the colors and type of fabric of the handkerchiefs are essential for the "final look". When wearing a caftan, it is better to choose monochrome colors and fabrics with a bright tone, such as silk, and delicate ones, such as chiffon and tulle, and vice versa: if the shirt and pants are in a single color, patterned or patterned scarves are preferable.

The ways to wrap the hijab also depend on the face of each woman: if you have a round face, it is better not to squeeze the scarf because it will make your cheeks more bulging. If your face is oval, try to round it out with the scarf. And for a woman with a big nose, nothing better than a puffy scarf around her face.

And how do you do a hijab hairstyle? The basics are, after pulling the hair back, a kind of false bow is added above the neck to give volume and everything is covered with a tight band that holds the hair and the bow.

On this basis, models are created -with the help of pins- and we play with the fabrics, preferably transparent and light, and if it is cotton or a little heavy, it is better to use a single fabric.

You take a corner that is longer than another, you bend it or pick it forwards or backwards, the ways vary according to the different styles adopted.

From these forms, styles and models are emerging that are also subject to the rules of fashion: the Turkish style of silk scarves, generally gathered in one go and with a large volume above the nape, similar to a hump .

There is also the "Jewish" hijab, with scarves tied back with a knot below the neck. An infinity of models are created on this style, such as forming a flower, leaving the rest of the fabric loose on the back, wrapping it around the neck like a scarf or forming a braid.

With this style you can leave the simple "Spanish" knot and as Oriental women call this model. And there is still a "Gulf" style, with a little hair visible on the forehead and with a luxurious brand scarf and with several turns on the head.

In short: there are hijabs for all tastes. Who said modesty? Reports Fatima Zohra Bouaziz/Efe

The hijab is also glamorous
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