'Star Wars': There is a heated debate on Reddit about whether the saga is macho

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We are not going to enter into the debate about whether or not Star Wars is a misogynistic saga, we are only going to transfer it to you so that it makes you think, that it never hurts. We are not going to start now, since this is not the time, to debate whether Leia, contrary to what they have tried to sell us throughout all these years, as pointed out in the Reddit debate that we are going to talk about, is a character that didn't really have much development in the original George Lucas trilogy; or about whether her role, for a rebel leader, was more like that of a mother who stepped in to mediate when Luke Skywalker (her brother, whether he felt it or not) and Han Solo (her sweetheart) had their differences. So we don't argue. Facts and only facts.

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When George Lucas sat down to write Star Wars: A New Hope, regardless of his Caucasian, male, and heterosexual status, he wanted, in addition to crafting a good story (inspired by those Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers sci-fi stories that he had liked so much as a child), that it was entertaining and that it formed part of a saga, taking to the cinema everything he had learned in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. It's all in that text:

And because he was male, Caucasian, straight and all, he came up with Star Wars: A New Hope as we know it (well, with the good fortune of going through his then-wife Marcia Lucas's editing, who cut it down). but based well in the editing room). If he had written it today, maybe he would have come up with something more like Rey's journey in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi (which is also pure Campbell). The fact is that today the debate on whether the Star Wars saga has been revived on Reddit, especially the original trilogy, but also the three prequels, Rogue One and episodes VII and VIII on the sidelines (because the characters of Jynn Erso, Rey, Rose and Admiral Amilyn Holdo are strong female characters, who do not depend on the male characters and all of them have independent and fundamental motivations and developments within the plot), they constitute a masculine fantasy and breathe machismo on all four sides.

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'Star Wars': There is a power up debate on Reddit about whether the saga is sexist

The debate started in this way, as a result of this user's comment, which ignited the spirit of the Community:

Of course, saying this, what has been set up has been set up. And this guy doesn't know my son or me. My son identifies with Elsa and I identify with Ana (who seems to me the real heroine, what do you want me to say). And we are proud. And we both like Star Wars. But well, we said that we did not enter the debate. We said that users have responded. And they have responded in this way.

On the one hand, they are with those who agree that it had a male bias, but not because of the arguments it gives, as this user points out:

20th Century Fox

That for one thing. Another user has responded like this:

And then another user (male) has raised the million dollar question in the debate that has arisen:

And he hit the nail on the head. If this debate is opened, it must be opened with arguments, not with an equally sexist vision of what men like or dislike and what women like or dislike. Another thing would have been to analyze the characters of Leia and Padmé Amidala, what they represent, and if the second, despite having more time on the screen, more phrases, a political argument and some action scene at the end, lost strength in Anakin's eyes . But I already say that that would have been another story. If you are curious as to how they have continued to give wax to the user who started the debate, you can follow it here. It's quite curious how the Reddit community moderates itself.

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'Star Wars': There is a heated debate on Reddit about whether the saga is macho
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