The 30 best LGBT books: from novels to didactic books

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Because we all hear almost daily homophobic speech around us. Because we all hate that 'I have a gay friend, too, but... (insert some heavies bullshit here)'. Because we all hear and read too much news about attacks on homosexuals in our cities and neighborhoods and because, sadly, bullying in schools continues to have a common target group. For all these reasons, books that explain, exemplify, lead, disseminate, support and fight for LGTBIQ+ rights are a necessity in the private library of each one of us. Here it is not just about checking the read box; it is about doing an exercise in understanding, accompaniment and admiration for the courage of so many who fought before.

Talking about gender, sex or sexual orientation was taboo just a few years ago. We millennials who think we are young still remember those atrocities that were said in the past when, for example, a boy had a pen or a girl liked to dress in oversized clothes (spoiler: by that rule of thumb and with today's fashion we would be all lesbians). For this reason, when we read references like Judith Butler undoing gender prejudices at the beginning of the 2000s, we are quite freaked out by writing like this twenty years ago. But it is that when we discover that Virgina Woolf herself wrote 'Orlando' in 1928, some memoirs in which her lesbian relationship with the poet Vita Sackville-Westen is intuited, we really freaked out.

Top 30 LGBT Books: From Novels to didactic books

Precisely based on those years at the beginning of the 20th century but "given birth" a long time later, we find the exciting story of 'Elisa and Marcela' (2010), two women who fell in love and posed as a heterosexual couple to marry. This book was recently turned into a movie, just like 'Call me by your name', the beautiful film that portrays the sexual awakening of a young man. Absolute beauty of a movie, in case you haven't seen it. And continuing in the public sphere, since that touches us all the most, it is essential to read biographies of great artists such as Freddie Mercury, who today have become authentic icons for the movement.

These are just some of the titles collected in the compilation of LGBT books that we have prepared for you. For you, in case you always feel like browsing about it and, beyond utopia, you believe in true equal rights. Also (and above all) these books are for your children, nephews or teenage friends because knowing such references in literature assures us all a tolerant and bright future (regardless of whoever cares).

The 30 best LGBT books: from novels to didactic books
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