Three hairstylist tricks to enhance your natural beauty

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We have all seen the before and after photos of some celebrities and our jaws have dropped to the ground. It is true that many celebrities have opted for plastic surgery, but in reality the most important thing is to go hand in hand with a good stylist... The good news is that there are infallible beauty tricks available to everyone. Tres trucos de estilista para realzar tu belleza natural Tres trucos de estilista para realzar tu belleza natural

1. Opt for a haircut that flatters you, according to the shape of your face

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With a haircut we can make our face look, for example, slimmer or more defined. Look in the mirror and analyze the shape of your face, identify your most attractive features and assess which ones you want to hide (if there are any!). There are 5 main face shapes and we all tend to fit into one, although it is common to have mixed features.

Round face. In the round face, the width and length of the face are similar, and there are no very marked features. The lower part of the face looks like a semicircle. Objective: refine the features to stylize the face. Opt for... long, layered hair, blunt bobs, side swept bangs, and pixies. Avoid... Very short hairstyles with a center parting, straight and bushy bangs, and curly hair with side volume. An example of a round face is Emma Stone.

Diamond face. In the case of the diamond face, the forehead is narrower than the cheekbones, the jaw is wide, and the chin is sharp. Objective : to widen the forehead to achieve a more oval shape. Opt for... straight bangs that cover the entire forehead, hairstyles that lightly cover the cheekbones, and chin-length cuts with volume at the bottom. Avoid... wearing a completely clear forehead, and hairstyles with the neck and chin exposed. An example of a diamond face is Taylor Swift.

Square and rectangular face. On square and rectangular faces, the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all the same width. The jaw is very marked, with a masculine touch, and the cheekbones are often prominent. The rectangular face is clearly longer than it is wide. Objective : to soften the jaw to give a more feminine touch. Go for… long hair, especially flowing layered hair. Avoid... geometric cuts with very straight bangs, and chin-length hair. An example of a square face is Salma Hayek.

Tres trucos de estilista para realzar tu belleza natural

Oval and elongated face. The oval face is taller than it is wide. The forehead and jaw are of similar width and are joined by smooth curves, without sharp angles. It is the most proportionate and most common face, and it is also preferred by stylists since any cut favors it. The elongated face is very similar to the oval, but longer. Objective : the oval face is very versatile, but if your face is very long, try to make it smaller to make it more oval. Opt for... shoulder-length hair with bangs. Avoid... XXL straight hair. An example of a long face is Liv Tyler.

Heart face and inverted triangle. People with heart-shaped and inverted triangle faces have foreheads that are wider than their jaws and have a pointed chin. The distinctive feature of the heart face is the so-called “widow's peak”, which is the “V” shape that the hair on the forehead of some people makes. Objective : to hide a little the width of the forehead and add dimension to the lower area. Opt for... a midi hair (medium hair) with volume below the cheekbones and a fringe that covers the sides of the forehead. This cut manages to balance the face, appearing more oval. Avoid... short, horizontal bangs that accentuate the inverted triangle shape. An example of a heart face is Kourtney Kardashian.

2. Bet on colors that accentuate your best features

To choose a hair color that flatters us, we must take into account factors such as our complexion, the color of our eyes, our facial attributes, and even our personality!

The dark colors. They tend to favor brown skin more, since they are more natural. Black or chocolate brown are safe bets, but also darker shades of other colors like burgundy red or mahogany that Rihanna and Zendaya opted for. In light skin, dark tones serve to sharpen features, such as very blue eyes or prominent lips (as is the case with Angelina Jolie). The combination of dark hair and light skin creates great contrast and conveys strength. Dark hair on a dark face with very marked features, like very black eyes, conveys passion (as in the case of Penélope Cruz).

The light colors. They are ideal for lighter and pinker skin. Pink skin is favored by platinum, ash or sandy blonde; and the "coldest" white skins are favored by gold and copper. Blonde is the color that sweetens the face the most, although if you are very dark-haired, you have to be careful that it does not look too artificial. Caramel and golden blondes, however, look great on tanned skin, as Beyoncé and Jennifer López have worn. Red hair on a face with soft features conveys delicacy, but if they are very marked, it conveys strength and confidence (as is the case by Christina Hedricks). Light hair is usually associated with sweeter and more delicate personalities, but blonde hair on a face with strong features conveys sensuality (as in the case of Scarlett Johansson).

3. Combine your clothes and your hairstyle with style

Finally, for the stylists it is important to combine the haircut with our clothes.

Short or collected hair. What it favors is that the neck, the clavicle and the neckline are very visible; or cover all skin with a turtleneck. That is, all or nothing.

Long hair. With long hair, wearing a lot of neckline can be vulgar; the ideal is a crossed neckline or a shirt cut

Medium hair. It's a trendy cut that honestly goes with everything!

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Three hairstylist tricks to enhance your natural beauty
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