Tips for buying in the summer sales

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Ya están aquí las rebajas, esa época del año en la que, en cada estación, aprovechamos para realizar nuestras compras de ropa, artículos para el hogar o productos de electrónica. En esta ocasión, vamos a centrarnos especialmente en estas del estío para que tengas en cuenta unos detalles que te ayudarán a aprovecharlas.Consejos para comprar en las rebajas de verano Consejos para comprar en las rebajas de verano

Take note of our tips for buying in the summer sales and get much more out of them this year. Are you coming shopping?

Set a spending budget

We will never repeat it enough. When you go shopping for something, set yourself a budget to spend or set yourself a ceiling. You will avoid succumbing to other temptations or commercial techniques that can make you spend more than you really should. And if this is important at any time of the year, during the sales season it is essential.

Whether it is because you are going to invest to renew your closet, buy a new television or a hair straightener, establish a maximum amount of money to invest. If you have left over after having bought what you need, you will be satisfied and you can dedicate it to other things.

Make a list of what you need

If you need to buy several things on sale, make a list. For example, if you want to take advantage of the clothes, check your closet and review what you need: a swimsuit, a bikini, some cotton t-shirts, sandals, a beach towel... The secret is that once you have the list, don't leave her. Why spend money on something you already have or don't need just because it's cheap? When you get home you will regret taking it.

Buy what matches the rest of your wardrobe.

In line with the above, when it comes to clothing and accessories, there is fabulous advice that you should always keep in mind. Choose an item that you can combine with three other pieces of clothing that are already in your closet. This works for clothing, bags, belts, shoes, and the like.

Consejos para comprar en las rebajas de verano

Think that if you buy a dress of a color that you can't combine with anything you have and that you don't have the right shoes to wear it either, you'll need to buy all those accessories or, otherwise, you'll hang it on a hanger and you won't get to wear it for the first time . This is what happens with jackets, blouses, party sandals... If you think about it, what do I wear it with? Before buying it, your pocket will thank you.

Invest in basics and wardrobe

Summer sales are great for investing in your wardrobe. In fact, even if you see next to those basic garments that say "continuity item" and that maintain their price all year round, you can replace them if you look carefully in the sales.

This is the time to buy white cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and long-sleeved t-shirts, black dress pants, good leather sneakers, shirts, jackets, knitted sweaters and clothes that will serve you to wear in autumn or throughout the year combined with others. If you follow our previous advice, you will be right for sure.

Keep the purchase receipt

In the sales you have to keep the purchase receipt at all times. Keep in mind that you will need it if in the end you have to change the item, the garment does not work for you or you discover when you get home that it is defective or that they have forgotten to remove the alarm (something much more frequent than we can think ).

It must be taken into account that the store is not obliged to return the money after the item is delivered if it is not specified in the establishment and that you may find yourself with a voucher or the need to exchange it for another. Again, the ticket is essential and you will find the return terms and conditions in it in most cases.

Wait for the second sales

In the event that you do not have too much urgency in buying what you need, we advise you to wait for the second sales or the final auction. If you have used the budget in the most urgent matters but you have something left over, you can save it for the last phase of sales in which there are real bargains and in which you can take advantage to buy with a view to the future.

Products such as those related to the countryside, gardening, furniture for terraces and the most summery accessories such as backpacks or bags can be purchased at very low prices starting in August, when stores begin with the autumn campaign and we begin to see textbook advertising.

On the contrary, precisely for reasons like this, if you are thinking of buying a computer or a tablet or a calculator, as well as any other item related to the study season, it is best to do it now, with sales in full swing. All these products will increase their price from September, when it could be said that they are in high season.

Tips for buying in the summer sales
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