We discovered the power of the 'Made in Spain' through the most stylish guest looks

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We will not get tired of valueing Spanish fashion, not only remarkable in the plan of design and creativity but totally essential at an economic level.As the last fashion report in Spain collected, the textile industry contributes almost 3% to the GDP of our country, and has managed to conquer billions of people worldwide.It is undeniable that this sector has a great weight inside and outside our borders, and we can presume to have large exclusive and affordable brands to those who regularly resort to experts in this area. Cabe destacar la especial relevancia de nuestras firmas en el sector nupcial y de invitadas, por supuesto con casas como Pronovias o Rosa Clará pero también otras más pequeñas como Vogana, María Barragan o Bgo&Me, la cual vistió anoche a la princesa Leonor.More and more known faces seek to give voice to this type of brands, as is the case of Lidia Bedman, who constantly loves the Made in Spain.

Giving voice to Spanish fashion

The influencer, famous for combining in its profile -in which more than 227 treasures.000 followers- A perfect mixture between maternity, fashion and lifestyle, tells us its keys when choosing a perfect guest look through the power of our brands."How are we not going to be proud of ours?", Begins explaining, "knowing what we have in Spain is wonderful.On many occasions these brands have transmitted the trades from parents to children.There is tradition and there is intermingled modernity: Made in Spain means tradition, crafts and quality.But also future and world influence ".

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The value of our workshops

Descubrimos el poder del 'made in Spain' a través de los looks de invitada más estilosos

Although, as Lidia herself admits, "we all love the fashion fashion affordable", when forming its closet fund or choosing a look for a special event, always seeks crafts and adores the workshops of our country.Upon entering one of them, he explains, you see that "they are not pieces, they are a story".As he points out, it is very important for her.Therefore, especially the experience of becoming a suit (whether a girlfriend or guest) in Ateliers such as María Barragan, who signs the suit he has in the photographs, a magnificent two pieces in an indigo tone designed to enhance his silhouette thank youAt the flatter.

The fact of making this type of designs "is a real experience, each piece is special.When you go to the workshop, you choose the fabrics, they advise you and make it to measure, it is a unique experience ".Bedman completes the elegant suit (which we imagine at any wedding, baptism, graduation or appointment) with some Cecile Acerina shoes, "luxury made in Spain, very sophisticated and with exquisite taste".

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Your tricks to be the perfect guest

In addition to always looking for those dresses, costumes or special sets that combine timelessness with trend touches, other factors such as the beauty look must also be taken into account, which, as our protagonist points out "can raise or subtract your style".In his case - although he loves makeup - for important events he trusts professionals such as Oui Novias, a leading company in the makeup of brides and guests that facilitates home service.And as for the accessories, for her the key is to find the perfect balance: not sin of simplicity or extravagance."When I wear a simple dress I choose some powerful or conversely accessories".Of course, although it depends on styling, usually prefers to give the prominence to the suit and bet on discrete jewels.

An infallible advice when choosing a style for an important appointment?Lidia is clear: less is more, whatever your age.She looks more at the novel minimalism than in the marked designs of the 80s.Although it is not considered classical, it prefers to avoid very strident trends in favor of simpler garments and that knows that they favor it especially.

- Simple, minimalist or sophisticated?A smooth dress for each type of guest

An inheritance from mothers to daughters

That concept of betting on eternal garments that never go out of style is what wants to convey to their daughter in fashion matters: invest in a good closet fund, since classic garments will always be a trend.In addition, Lidia seeks to instill in her little girl the importance of quality in the face of the amount of clothing, something that, in her opinion, is something that we all value more as we are getting older, we look at the unique details.In this way, when choosing basic pieces (not boring) it is creating at the same time a capsule closet that its 'heiress' can use one day without fear of becoming fashionable.

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We discovered the power of the 'Made in Spain' through the most stylish guest looks
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