5 clothing and shoes trends that you must buy on sale, because they are fashionable in 2022

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Trends 2022

Las prendas que debes adquirir en estas semanas
Por Karen Luna
lunes, 10 de enero de 2022 · 14:58

In Panorama we know that January is the month of sales and that this season is ideal to buy those garments that are needed in our closet, however, not all elections are suitable for taking care of our money, so we present the trends of 2022 thatYou will find a discount.

Forget about investing in clothes that you will not wear!Here we recommend the essentials that you can not miss in your wardrobe, it is best to find them at a good price.

Trends that you must buy on sale

String sneakers

5 tendencias de ropa y zapatos que debes comprar en rebajas, pues están de moda en 2022

Spring and summer are getting closer to which the heat will begin to dominate the streets, so bet on the sandals you should have, it is best not only to look good with jeans, but also with dresses, skirtsmini, shorts or what you imagine.

Golden jewelry

The accessories are a must that will complement any outfit, no matter if you model a sports outfit, elegant, casual, executive or what you like the most.We love the golden details that add sophistication!

Blazer vibrant colors

The oversize sack is the shelter that will save you in 2022, we recommend that you choose a smooth and intense colors to highlight any look.

Pants with wide legs

Until sight jeans Skinny!Finally we say goodbye to the awkward tight pants to replace them with XL leg jeans that add volume to the hips.

Converse or boot tennis

This vintage fashion convinces us to bet on basics that will surely return, so do not hesitate to buy boot tennis and platform in these sales.

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5 clothing and shoes trends that you must buy on sale, because they are fashionable in 2022
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