Slim's construction company signs agreement to rehabilitate Line 12, but denies guilt

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The company Carso Infraestructura y Construcción (CICSA), owned by Carlos Slim, signed the agreement for the rehabilitation and reinforcement of the elevated section of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro that collapsed, although it denied being the cause of the accident .

In a statement, the company specified that it did not cause, nor is it responsible for, the event on May 3 on Line 12, which is operated and supervised independently by the Metro since the consortium made up of CICSA, ICA and Alstom delivered the work to satisfaction in 2013. However, it indicated that despite the substantial differences between the expert opinions and the technical studies on the causes, in order not to prolong the rehabilitation and reinforcement of the section, it has agreed to resolve in advance associated legal procedures by signing the agreement.

Read: Case Line 12: former director of the Metro rejects accusation and points to Ebrard He also announced that he has expressed to the Prosecutor's Office his interest in participating in the complementary compensation fund for victims announced last week by the authority itself. "CICSA has reserved rights to exercise legal actions to claim the payment of the amounts it disburses due to the execution of the aforementioned agreements and legal acts against the corresponding third parties," he specified.

Constructora de Slim firma acuerdo para rehabilitar Línea 12, pero niega culpabilidad

In this sense, the construction company explained that the signing and execution of these agreements does not have a material effect on the financial situation or results of the issuer.

Rehabilitation of Line 12

The works to be carried out include the repair of the section that collapsed last May between the Olivos and Tezonco stations, as well as the reinforcement of the elevated metal section built by CICSA and delivered to the capital government since 2013.

This is so that said elevated section meets the new requirements of the Construction Regulations of Mexico City, modified in 2017, as well as to implement more robust standards in structural safety due to the earthquake that occurred in September of that same year. The design and executive project for the execution of these works will be the responsibility of the city government and the Technical Advisory Committee made up of experts that formed the same for the design of the works.

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Slim's construction company signs agreement to rehabilitate Line 12, but denies guilt
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