How to make orders in Shein to sell

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Shein has become one of the most fashionable platforms to buy clothes of all kinds.Its modern design and its wide catalog of garments make it chosen by millions of people.But how to go further and sell your products?We show you how to make orders in Shein to sell.

With really competitive prices Shein is one of the most used apps to buy fashion, beauty and accessories for women.Although ten years ago its expansion has been growing and currently sells its garments in 220 countries around the world.Its app was the most downloaded in the purchasing category in May 2021 in the United States.

Shein has become the most chosen online store by the so -called Z generation.Their designs are attractive especially for young people, something to which the premiere of new models is added every week, thus attracting many more users who go in search of their novelties.

How to buy wholesale in Shein

If you already know how to make orders in Shein to sell and want to know how to buy wholesale in Shein you should know that there is no special section on the web for it.

To buy wholesale in Shein you must buy the same as if it were an individual article only that when entering the amounts of garments you can modify it.In each article you can put up to 99 units of maximum.

Can I sell Shein clothes in my store?

Cómo hacer pedidos en Shein para vender

You already know all the steps to take to know how to make orders in Shein to sell, but it is important that you ask yourself this question before carrying out the order: can I sell Shein's clothes in my store?We tell you the answer.

Shein has established terms and conditions that clearly specify that the sale, reproduction, modification of its garments through third parties without pertinent authorization is not allowed.That yes, the reality is that there are people who sell Shein clothes.Those people who sell under personal stores in small quantities and without altering designs or labels do not seem to have problems therefore.

Can I have a Shein franchise in Spain?

If you want to go further and collaborate with Shein in Spain, you may ask yourself, can I have a Shein franchise in Spain?Discover the answer.

Until now Shein has no franchise option in Spain, but there are other ways to collaborate with the company.You can be blogger for Shein if your blog has more than 1.000 followers.If you talk about your garments you can get free clothes.You can also join the Affiliate Program.If you share links to buy in your social profiles you can get between 10 and 20% of the value of each garment.

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How to make orders in Shein to sell
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