Kris Goyri, the Mexican who conquers the walkways with his designs

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From a very young age she began to feel a passion for fashion thanks to the influence of her great-grandmother, who was a dressmaker and towards the clothes of her mother and aunts. He also had a special interest in art. When he was very young, he drew, painted with watercolors and even took pictures.

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Kris Goyri, born in Mexico City in 1985 and from a very young age demonstrated his skills for fashion design, today is one of the greatest references in the Mexican industry and, thanks to his talent for mixing textures and colors, has gradually slipped into the taste of fashion lovers in other countries.

Recently, Goyri presented his recent spring / summer 2022 collection at the Mercedes Benz fashion Week Mexico in Anahuacalli. Designs that give freedom to bodies, camped pants, open blouses that are held by the neck, vibrant colors in which red and orange predominate, cuts and plated and wide lines were the proposals presented by the famous Mexican designer.

His beginnings Kris Goyri graduated from the Institute of Higher Studies of fashion House of France, in Mexico City, where he graduated as a fashion designer, in 2007. And since then it has continued to grow and surprise its thousands and thousands of followers from all over the world.

Kris Goyri, el mexicano que conquista las pasarelas con sus diseños

It was released in 2008 when it won the ELLE Mexico design Award.

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Fashion experts claim that this talented boy has something special that apparently was missing in Mexican fashion. And it is precisely the fresh proposals, inspired by the wishes and needs of Latin American women, that have given her the impetus to slip into Mexico's top designer list.

On several occasions, Goyri has explained that what makes it different from the other designers are "my color blends, the sensitivity I have had in understanding very much the body of women from different continents. In Mexico there is a giant range of forms, styles and colors on a racial level. Something very important is to find pieces that make them feel different, unique and that they can tell a story about what they use. "

It is worth mentioning that this Mexican has already presented his designs on Panamanian walkways. In 2019, Kris Goyri presented his Balam collection for the summer 2020 spring season during the fashion Week Panama.

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The Mexican designer was the special guest, causing sensation with his proposals that included skirts, dresses and versatile garments with details they highlighted, such as buttons. In the same way, Goyri proposed tailoring in dynamic fabrics, which also explored paintings or lines prints, always maintaining a silhouette as sensual as well as sophisticated.

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Kris Goyri, the Mexican who conquers the walkways with his designs
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