Linen: 10 essential garments to wear the classic fabric of summer

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These are the 10 garments you will need this 2021 to wear linen, the classic summer fabric.

There are garments and accessories that become, over the years, true symbols of the season. We have recently learned about the history that surrounds the trend of espadrilles and carrycots. And the same is true of linen outfits in spring/summer. Did you know that linen is the oldest textile fiber of humanity? Its use for the manufacture of fabrics was already observed in what is present-day Turkey around 7000 BC. Even so, it is likely that the true origin of the cultivation of the plant dates back to Egypt until the 4th century BC. Let us remember that Egyptian mummies used to be wrapped in fine linen bandages, at that time the preferred fabric of the highest classes.

At the end of the 15th century it was the great painters who began to use their linen canvases for their works. Firmness and durability are some of the most adored characteristics of linen and allowed artists to create large-format paintings. Flax cultivation also spread throughout America during the 18th century and it was during World War II when it became more popular.

Linen: 10 essential items to wear on the classic summer fabric


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Although the history of this fabric shows that in the 19th century the massive cultivation of cotton caused it to be relegated to the background, today it is still understood as an essential when we are experiencing rising temperatures. The linen sets are made up of garments with wide lines that give off absolute comfort.

Any fashion prescriber would dream of having the linen pieces that we recommend in her closet. They are light, fresh and, above all, natural. For all this, if you are one of those who does not stop until you find models that are pure elegance, you are before the perfect list of essentials.


Linen: 10 essential garments to wear the classic fabric of summer
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