Madonna attacks against 50 cent to make fun of the sensual photos she published

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This 2021 is closing a fight between celebrities that few waited, because rapper 50 Cent and the 'Queen of Pop', Madonna, are giving themselves with everything.

The conflict began when the interpreter of 'In da Club' published on his Instagram account a photo of the daring lingerie photo shoot that Madonna had starred, next to the image wrote, “this is the most fun thing, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja,Ja, "he added," that is Madonna under the bed trying to look like a virgin at 63 years.She shot up.If you don't raise your old butt ".

The singer was not silent for such comments, as she shared a photo on her Instagram account when both artists went to an MTV program in 2003.About the image he wrote, "here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend".

Madonna continued with forceful words, “now you have decided to speak badly about me.I guess your new career is drawing attention when trying to humiliate others on social networks.The less high choice you could do as an artist and as an adult ".

Finally, the interpreter returned the blow with mastery, "you are simply jealous that you will not look as well as I will not have fun so when you have my age".

Madonna arremete en contra de 50 Cent por burlarse de las fotos sensuales que publicó

In the end, 50 Cent had only to apologize, “I must have hurt Madonna's feelings.She went and unearthed an old MTV photo of 2003.Ok, I'm sorry, I didn't intend to hurt your feelings ”.

And he concluded, “I did not benefit from this in any way.I said what I thought when I saw the photo because I've seen it before.I hope you accept my apology ".

It was on November 25 when Madonna shared some photos on her Instagram account in which she poses very sensually, only on this occasion she covered her chest with a heart emoji.

Madonna shows that she knows how to pose sexy in lingerie regardless of her age

June 15, 202101:02

Together with the images he wrote a long claim to Instagram because they had deleted them due to the censorship that exists in the social network, “the reason why they discharged my photos was because a small portion of my nipple was exposed.I am still surprised that we live in a culture that allows every centimeter's body to be shown except a nipple ”.

The artist continued to expose her point of view, “as if that were the only part of the anatomy of a woman who could sexualize.The nourish that nourishes the baby!Can the nipple of a man be seen as something erotic?And what about the butt of a woman who never censors anywhere? ".

Madona concluded, “I thank.All are perfectly synchronized with the lies that have educated us, such as believing that pilgrims who peacefully left the bread with the Native American Indians when they landed in Plymouth Rock!God bless America!".

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Madonna attacks against 50 cent to make fun of the sensual photos she published
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