Meet the 10 most requested models in the industry in Cuba

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Son los rostros más solicitados de la industria del modelaje en Cuba. Desde photoshootings, pasarelas y videoclips, rompen el canon de la belleza clásica, mientras entregan a los flashazos el talento que destilan. Por primera vez, VISTAR se une a clientes, fotógrafos, diseñadores y personas representativas en la industria para acoger en el mismo set, a las diez modelos más influyentes del 2019.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Study 50 proved to be made of catwalks.We closed the year with this delivery of Trending People that led to the showy designs of the Gardenia Design jewelry and the creations of Cuban designers Salomé fashions, Jacqueline Fumero, Daador Havana, Gay., that had the target as a thread of this photographic session.The professional team was also formed Pucara S investments.A., to which makeup artists, hairdresser and an exceptional manicure service courtesy of Luly Salon, who guaranteed that the girls extend the glamor to the tip of their fingers."He carries and brings" that entails a mega production like this was insured punctually by the low APP cars;While the catering was in charge of D ’the grandmother and the telephone service guaranteed by Fonoma.Thus all willing ... lights, cameras and take pictures!

Malena & Milena Rivalta

Malena Rivalta

Originarias de Villa Clara, las Rivalta son un par capaz de agitar la imagen creativa de la moda cubana. Los vaivenes en los cánones de belleza parecen no alterar su status. A pesar de ser integrantes de la joven generación de modelos cubanas, Malena y Milena han sorprendido por su proyección internacional a raíz de su trabajo con Versace.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

“My model career began at age 18 with the support of the designers of Santa Clara, Pavel and Guido.They were the ones who discovered us, ”he says.Identical twins, yes;biotechnological clones, no.Malena and Milena have different auras and a very particular essence."We are twins but our faces do not portray the same.Each one delivers their particular energy to the camera ".

¿Momento más importante detu carrera?“Cuando fui premiada la mejor modelo novel en el 2018”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Havana or Villa Clara? "Havana".

¿Lugar favorito en La Habana“La Habana me gusta completa”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Future plans? "My greatest aspiration is to be recognized internationally".

Milena RivaltaConoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

One is the engine of the other.Two classic beauties that together give photos of much glue.On this occasion they stand out looking."I owe everything to my sister, we are always together," says Milena.

¿Cómo describirías tu estilo?“Mi estilo más bien depende de la ocasión, puedo lo mismo optar por la sencillez que por diseños más rebuscados”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

What would you not use? "Hats (laughs)".

¿Te gustaría trabajar con…?“Todos los trabajos van a ser bienvenidos, pero me gustaría posar para la fotógrafa Titina y los diseñadores cubanos que me lo propongan”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Future plans? “We are filming a film of which we cannot give many details.Plan to continue with modeling and enter the performance ”.

Laura Roque

Laura es única por su versatilidad tanto en la pasarela como en las publicidades. Clarinetista y flautista de profesión, irrumpe en la industria de la moda de manera casual. “Tenía 18 años cuando acompañé a una amiga para el casting de un desfile en Fábrica de Arte. Pero resultó que me escogieron a mí”, comenta. Fue así como comenzó una meteórica trayectoria que ha ido en ascenso. Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

To date, Roque has worked for a plaintiff of patio designers.Among them, Rox 950, Jacqueline Fumero and Pavel and Guido, as well as the international brands Woman Secret, Giorgio G.and Bezazzy.On the other hand, he has embodied leading roles in video clips of important directors;the most recent next to the Dominican Jessy Terrero and the Venezuelan Daniel Durán.On his latest projects, the top comments: "At this time I am doing advertising for Jetsurf, an extreme sports agency that I am passionate about".

Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

¿Pasarela, foto o videoclip?“Los tres tienen lo suyo, pues me permiten desenvolverme en aspectos y contextos diferentes, pero creo que prefiero la fotografía”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Beauty Secret "I always know natural and smiles".

Lugar de La Habana favorito“Cerca del mar”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Future plan? “I want to progress.Until one does not know the limit of their goals, it is impossible to know where it will go.I have great plans as a musician and model.My goal is to always be better and overcome myself in all aspects ".

Anays Diz Pe

Todos los ojos están puestos en ella y no podría ser de otra forma. A pesar de su corta trayectoria, es ya uno de los rostros más solicitados por diseñadores extranjeros y del patio. Esta modelo y bailarina, estudiante de primer año del Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), comenzó su carrera en la moda con apenas siete años trabajando para el fotógrafo norteamericano Halim Ina.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

“At 15 I began to get involved in the catwalks.To date I have collaborated with the photographers May Reguera, Titina;Pavel and Guido designers and Laura Lis goldsmith, ”he says.When he awakens admiration for his presence, Anays smiles with sincere humility.Dazzle in full action with an ethereal design by Jacqueline Fumero and Jewels of Gardenia Design."My style is casual and bohemian.In my closet there is everything, but always use simple garments.I consider that it is very important to take care of the beauty that everyone brings with it and not expose themselves to try to achieve the image that others want.

¿Secreto de belleza?“Aceite de coco si tienes el cabello rizo. No falla”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Favorite place in Havana? "Malecon".

¿Planes futuros?“Graduarme de la universidad y formar parte de las pasarelas internacionales”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Yessica Borroto

Beyond the favoring genetics, the personality of YESSICA Borroto (actress and model) imposes.It has - as they say on the street - the self -esteem level God.His years in the runway and numerous experiences, they have given tricks to disarm any client."My image was the one that brought me where I am, definitely this look, leaving the classic standards that the Cubans had at that time was what made me be who I am," he says.

La suerte tiró los dados a favor de Borroto. Un día antes del desfile de la colección Crucero 2016-2017 de Chanel, la asistente personal de Karl Lagerfeld captó su exotismo y seguridad, cualidades que le ganaron un lugar dentro del selecto grupo de modelos que desfiló por el Prado habanero.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

“I premiered as a model in 2015 and to date I have worked for international clients such as Brownshoes, Lambertz, Iann Dey, Puma and Chanel.I have also lent my image for the Cuban brand Prieto’s Style of the designer Samantha Chijona and for the collections of Jacqueline Fumero.For me, the most important work of 2019 was the parade of the Glorias Sports Collection of clandestina ”.

Hoy Borroto sigue robando alientos. Llega vistiendo un jumpsuit de Gaya Novias con aires de diva de los setenta. “En mi closet hay un poco de todo. Tener una pieza para cada ocasión es un must”.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

Heels, sandals or sneakers? "Everything has its moment".

Would you like to work with ...? "Balmain".Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

What would be the crest of your wave? "I could never say that I am where I want, I think there is climbing step, until the staircase is over, but I still don't know what the top is".

Carolina Baños

Carolina compagina su trabajo de modelo con los estudios de danza folclórica en el ISA. A solo nueve años de su debut en la pasarela ya ha trabajado con importantes diseñadores cubanos como Jacqueline Fumero, Katerine Dorticos, Alexander Rodríguez, Mario Freixas e Ismael de la Caridad.Conoce a las 10 modelos más solicitadas de la industria en Cuba

"All events have been important, because each one has given me something different, but I think the catwalk of the Glorias Sports Collection of clandestina and the parade of the Spanish designer Francis Montesinos in art and fashion, were the most special for me," Explain.

Before the camera lens, Carolina dazzled in full action with a flight dress of the international brand Giorgio G., marketed in Cuba, which contributed ease to his body in fair and calculated dose.

Favorite designer? "Ismael de la Caridad, is a love of a person and that's why I also admire him".

Place of Havana preferred? "El Prado, the Malecon, Havana is much of that, to travel it walking ..."

Favorite Social Network "Instagram".

FUTURE PLANS “Finish my studies at the ISA.Open a dance academy something that I have thought about my whole life.Continue with modeling and also teach it ... why not? "

Jhayna Duarte

Jhayna confesses that since childhood they are the cameras.With another of Gaya Novias's looks, the model takes control of the set while delivering a poses recital in front of May Reguera's lens.Yes, Duarte is a beauty that knocks.He started in modeling at age 14 by debuting for a mango brand parade and later participated in a fashion campaign with one of his idols, former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Doutzen Kroes.

Today Duarte is undoubtedly one of the Cuban tops with the greatest international projection.“Many of my photos have been published in Vogue and in Hola España magazine, with creations by Colombian designer Goretty Medina.Recently I also worked for the Italian magazine Book for Buyers where I was cover and cover story.This year I was also the image of the Cuban designer based in Miami Yas González and the art and fashion event.I have a photo-cater in the center of Istanbul and I also participated in the Capitol parade for the 500 years of Havana, ”he says.

How do you define your style? “I consider myself a very simple person, I don't like to dress with luxuries or extravagant things.I prefer to feel comfortable ".

Would you like to work with…? “There are many important people to work with.I would like to be on the great catwalks of the world, parade for Balmain, Cristian Dior, Chanel, Moskino and other fashion houses ”.

Preferred place in Havana? "The Malecon".

Future plan? “Harvest many successes at a professional level and personally.Be happy and meet my goals ".

Gina Martínez / Gigi Maduq

Gina or Gigi as they know it in the networks and "everywhere" is more than a pretty face and eternal legs.Communication graduate at the University of Havana, this top has earned the admiration of international and Cuban designers.He loves his work and has made castings directors look at her.Wearing a Jacqueline Fumero design, Gigi has very clear things and demonstrates in this interview.

What has been the most important moment of your career? “Man!I do not know if the most important is perhaps of portfolio, but one of the ones I enjoyed the most was the work for the scenes of the fast and furious movie that were shot in Havana.There I had the opportunity to share with many influential people in the film industry and see how they work on large productions ”.

And of 2019? “In 2019 for me there were two summits in fashion: the parade of the Glyorias Sports Collection of clandestine and art and fashion that takes place every year, where I had the opportunity to participate in a designer's paradeSpanish Francis Montesinos, well recognized in his country and internationally ”.

How would you define your style?"Different, elegant, simple.I am one of those who say less, it is more.When you have to be casual, you are casual and when you have to be diva, it is diva ".

Future plan? “Ufff!Being able to transfer the barriers of Cuba and get a career internationally.That is the goal of every professional model ».

Nayvis Fernández

Nayvis faces his work calmly and an illusion that makes those who listen to their history smile.He is veteran on the catwalks and knows how to move in this industry.

“I started modeling at age 14 sponsored by designer Pedro Akanda, from there I participated in a contest at 16 in the Macumba, where they gave me the possibility of perfecting my skills as a model in the Act Agency.I finished my studies in 2009 and joined work at Havana Libre with designer José Luis González, ”he says.

To date, its image is one of the most sought after by designers and photographers of the patio.He has participated in the collections of Mario Freixas, Oscar de la Portilla, Jacqueline Fumero, Salomé Fashas, Ismael de la Caridad, Carmen Fiol, among others.

For the occasion, Nayvis wears a steam.“I like to dress sports, sometimes a little fashion, it depends on the day.Of course, I always choose glamorous designs that make me feel comfortable ”.

Would you like to work with ...? "Balmain".

Preferred place in Havana? "The beach".

Future plan? “Speaking my own brand, I am also entering the world of design.I would love to have my own store ”.

Amanda Díaz

Amanda burned the networks with her presence in the "no more lies" video clip of Jacob Forever and his previous participation in the Trending People section.Since then, he has lent his image for filmmakers and artists such as Alejandro Pérez, José Rojas, People de Zona and Yomil and Dany.However, his attitude towards the lens and authenticity of his beauty today call the attention of important designers and clients in the fashion world.“I started with the videos, then with photos and advertisements.I have made a catwalk, but not much, although I like and enjoy it, ”he explains.

There are several brands that have succumbed to their impact look, including Giorgio G., that's why today it gives a lot to talk about wearing a look of this firm in its white wardrobe."My style is very simple, basic, casual," he confesses.

Would you like to work with ...? "Chanel".

Social network you use? "Instagram".

Favorite designer? "Giorgio".

Future plan? “That depends on the opportunities that life puts me.I just hope to become a famous model and work in a large advertising campaign ”.

Meet the 10 most requested models in the industry in Cuba
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