Paula Echevarría's boots that will make you look taller

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The arrival of the coldest days is usually synonymous with the phrase most used in recent times by millennials and not so young: "Today it's a blanket and Netflix." And it is that the month of January is not usually the ideal month to go out and enjoy the nights of the city, despite the fact that it has so many plans and so varied that it seems impossible to do the same on more than one occasion.

However, winter clothing is also to be worn on the coldest days. And it is essential to choose a good garment to face the colder seasons, especially if we are shivering when setting foot in the street. With the 2022 sales present in all firms, from Primark or Bimba and Lola to Zara, through Mango and Uterqüe, we have no excuse not to go out and enjoy the few rays of sunshine that winter gives us.

-Paula Echevarría's off-road bag

-Thank you Paula Echevarría for showing us the suit that she styles the most with sneakers

Whether to go to work or take a leisurely walk in the park first thing in the morning, with a sweater of the right thickness and warm boots you can also enjoy the low temperatures and that is precisely what Paula Echevarría has done. The actress has worn a look that we could perfectly replicate and integrate into our wardrobe and it is very simple. And the best thing is the Eskimo boots that make you look taller, because in general this type of footwear gives the feeling that it shortens your leg.

Las botas de Paula Echevarría que te harán parecer más alta

To begin with, she has chosen a striped sweater in different colours, such as white, black, brown and red, which she has accompanied by dark blue jeans that are as simple as usual. And who does not have two of these? features for this time of year? That is precisely the best of all, that whether it is wool, chenille or another warm fabric, we can copy this style without any problem.

However, all those who have kept the couplet of this perfect tandem are in luck, since it is a low cost duo. Both garments belong to the Irish firm Primark, so it is more than likely that we can find them in some of the stores that the firm has opened in Spain. Finally, the actress deVelvetha hit the key in what we could say is the auction of the year.

Alexandra Montaner

Because to accompany these basics, she has chosen some very warm Eskimo-type boots from Alejandra Montaner's winter collection. Its price is 215.20 euros (it has a discount, since the original was 269 euros) and they are made manually with sheepskin.

They have a small inner wedge of 5 centimeters, which allows you to gain height, and they are lined with natural wool, so softness is one of their strengths. In addition to being comfortable and beautiful, they are available in two colors, brown and black, so you can get a pair of each to complement any outfit for the cold months. Do not miss it!

Paula Echevarría's boots that will make you look taller
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