The 10 dresses that will be a trend in 2022

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Changing stage is synonymous with changing wardrobe or, at least, outfits. Although we do not want to renew the garments that are inside our dressing rooms, we can always rescue those pieces that remain in the background with little use or that were so versatile in past seasons.

The trends of 2022 have already been anticipated on the catwalks of the great capitals of the world, but now it is the most prestigious fashion consultants and followed by any fashionista that teach us the perfect staging of these style currents. And if there are garments that, beyond shirts and jeans, we cannot miss, those are the dresses. They were born in prehistory as a piece capable of protecting against the low temperatures of the climate, they gained visibility in Egypt with Cleopatra's looks and also in Greece their importance was essential thanks to the incredible silk and linen outfits worn by the Greeks. With time and the passing of the years, the dresses evolved their designs, going from high society garments or essential flappers in the 1920s to elegant innovative proposals from luxury fashion houses such as Dior, which opened with his New Look a new stage.

What dresses are worn this year: from stripes to knits

Los 10 vestidos que serán tendencia en 2022

Now the dresses are already the order of the day and, although they continue to keep their denotation of favorite garment to wear at galas and more special events, they begin to quarrel in style with other outfits such as suits, but they have also found a place in our day by day becoming a perfect ally to accompany our days.

The 2022 guides make it clear: they are worn flashy, eccentric and with details and fabrics that make them unique. If the 10 trends in shoes that will reign this new year sentenced the vitality that floods fashion in the coming months, their teaching is now combined in perfect harmony with the lessons that designers have ruled on the dresses that we will wear. From prints such as polka dots or stripes, with fringes or sequins, in black or white and with silhouettes that add elegance such as the boat neck. Below we collect a dozen notes that designers have taught us with a clear objective: that we incorporate them into our looks.

The 10 dresses that will be a trend in 2022
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