The 46 most legendary dresses in film and television

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'Gone with the Wind', 'Rear Window', 'La La Land'... Every time a movie becomes legendary, it is possible that a dress from any of its scenes will pass turn to the category of iconic. It does not matter if they are romantic, scary, action, musical or science fiction films: the designers, in all of them, give their all to present costumes, even bridal ones, that remain in the viewer's retina and that, at the same time, they are a pure fashion exercise that attracts the most 'fashionistas'.

There are scenes in the movies in which we cannot separate the protagonist's dress from the action, as is the case of the black suit in the opening of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' with that fragile Audrey Hepburn advancing down Fifth Avenue on her way to Tiffany's jewelry store. Some completely magnetic shots in which we see the protagonist walking slowly clad in the pupperfect Givenchy suit while she eats some croissants. Delicious.

Another well-known movie costume is the green dress from 'Gone with the Wind', the one that Scarlet O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) supposedly makes from the fabric of Tara's curtains, with the intention of being as stylish as possible. presentable as possible for a date with Rhett Butler (Clark gable). Actually, the masterful creation was nothing DIY but signed by designer Walter Plunkett.

The 46 most mythical dresses in cinema and television

We also bring to this review the fantastic looks worn in 'Barbarella,' the 1968 sci-fi film with Jane Fonda. Futuristic, sexy and metallic designs exerted a great influence on the fashion of the 70s. Paco Rabanne, author of these creations, experimented with the mixture of metals and plastics.

Going even further back, our theme focuses on wonderful dresses from classic movies, like Ginger Rogers's feathered dress in 'Top Hat' (1935). An exquisite design for her most famous dance number with Fred Astaire, 'Cheek to cheek'. Apparently, the feathers fell out all the time and also stayed on his partner's tuxedo. Another wonderful 'look' of classic cinema are the fantastic outfits of Elizabeth Taylor to give life to 'Cleopatra' (1963): all of them have gone down in history and have already become true Art with capital letters.

The 46 most legendary dresses in film and television
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