The 91 best Netflix series to get right when you don't know what to watch

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Netflix has hit hard with the Top 10 series and movies, but at Esquire they don't know much about us and that's why we set up slightly more extensive rankings such as the best movies of 2021, which is on fire, just like that of best Spanish series of 2021. Even so, we have found that many of you ask us for recommendations to decide which series you watch on Netflix specifically and from any year in general, especially after having gone through the catalog too many times in times of pandemic.

As it is a choice that later leads to many hours of pleasure or frustration, we are going to do our best to offer you the best of the best of the series available on Netflix, whether original or purchased from other networks. We put it together in a ranking plan, but the order is established through a crazy algorithm that takes into account the novelties at the beginning of the list, continues with a good hodgepodge and finishes off a heart-stopping final stretch of the series that have really marked us a more special way. In that last part of the list are our favorite series, so that you refute us with enthusiasm because the arguments, we already warned, are very personal.

If you need a more focused guide to the genre that your body asks for, Esquire also comes to the rescue. Scratching through our catalog, which is almost deeper than Netflix's, we can offer you a good handful of great Netflix series that have gone a bit unnoticed, the definitive ranking of the 50 best of 2020 (which last year was very bad for everything except for the production of series, and on all platforms, not just Netflix), our top 10 best science fiction series... Or you can cheat on it and launch yourself into the 60 best HBO series or the 50 best Movistar+ series .

Las 91 mejores series de Netflix para acertar cuando no sabes qué ver

Having said all this, let's focus: below you have more than 90 titles, many of them world-renowned such as The Crown, Queen's Gambit, Breaking Bad or House of Cards, and others that may not have had such an impact but for one reason or another reason they have touched our seriéfilo little heart. That beats stronger than ever since the era of platforms came into our lives. We have a hunch you're going to really enjoy this list.

The 91 best Netflix series to get right when you don't know what to watch
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