Tricks to keep your accounts on social networks and Whatsapp safe

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Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and Snapchat, in addition to applications such as WhatsApp, are a routine part of modern life and it is through them that effective communication is achieved regardless of distance, including the exchange of sensitive information, such as bank account numbers, passwords and intimate data.

It is not surprising that there are always people with bad intentions trying to spy on what each person writes privately on social networks and WhatsApp, so security measures must be taken.

The importance of keeping social networks and WhatsApp safe

Without a doubt, Facebook remains one of the most popular social networks in the world and this reality is no different in Spain, where there are around 23 million registered users, something that means just over half of all Internet users. in the country.

A lot of information is sent and received through this social network and it also serves as a setting for hackers, who are people with computer skills who are dedicated to illegally entering other people's accounts to steal information or harm someone.

Tips for staying safe on Facebook

On the Internet you can find many pages of the type, these pages explain step by step how to access Facebook accounts, so you have to take additional measures to avoid being a victim of hacking.

For these reasons, we show you some tricks to keep your Facebook account safe:

Check that no one else has tried to access the account

Facebook reports where the last connection was made from, including where the last unsuccessful login attempt was made.

Through that system you can find out if the account has been hacked or they have tried to hack it. To find out, you have to enter the Facebook account, check Main Menu > Account Settings > Security tab > Active Sessions > Edit.

The End button must be pressed to close the session in any other place where it could or could be open.

Turn on notifications when logged in

To do so, go to Main Menu > Account Settings > Security > Login Notifications. There you can enter an email address or mobile phone number where Facebook will notify when someone tries to open the account from an unknown computer.

Secure connection via HTTPS protocol

Go to the Security tab and check the Safe Browsing box.

Do not openly disclose personal information where the geographical location is included (the option to indicate where the user is can be deactivated on Facebook), nor publish photos in perfectly identifiable places, much less say projects, plans, economic gains, etc.

Choose a strong password

Include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Predictable passwords are not recommended, such as the ID number, the mobile phone number, the universal password "123456789", the same username, etc.

Make sure that the email account associated with the Facebook account is the only one

To find out, go to Main Menu > Account Settings > General > Email Address > Edit.

But the attacks do not only come through hackers, but also in an underhanded way through fake posts such as photos with the caption “click here to save this child's life”, unreliable polls (like the one that triggered the political scandal in the United States with the firm Cambridge Analytica), supposed applications to install buttons that Facebook has not yet approved, such as the "I don't like" button, even game applications such as "See here how you would look like in 50 years" or "How you would see if you were the opposite sex.”

Such applications often hide malicious links to “phishing” private information.

How to keep WhatsApp and Instagram safe?

Just as there are ways to keep your Facebook account private, you can also take security measures to protect WhatsApp and other accounts like Messenger and Instagram.

You can find countless pages like that promise to access a WhatsApp number.

To avoid this, special measures must be taken, such as not using supposed applications that promise to "spy" on others, deleting personal and group chats, controlling the automatic download of photos and videos, hiding the last connection time and do not share important information in the state.

Hacking any type of account is fashionable

There are also pages that claim to be able to review Messenger, such as, just like Instagram. In both cases, you have to use a little common sense and review the options that both applications and social networks provide to reinforce security measures.

As in Facebook, for Instagram accounts you must use strong passwords, which include uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. Something very important is that passwords are like underwear, you have to change them frequently!

If possible, make the account private if you are going to share sensitive photos that include your children, and in case someone has tried to steal the account before, you can enter the Instagram Help Center to recover it.

And it is that there are pages that think that is the easiest thing in the world and sometimes they are very right, because we are delivering that facility to them on a tray.

It should always be remembered that the chances of someone trying to sabotage someone else's social media and WhatsApp accounts will be successful as long as those affected lower their guard. All social networks and applications offer levels of security that are at the behest of their users, so you have to take advantage of such tools to keep the information contained in the networks safe.

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Tricks to keep your accounts on social networks and Whatsapp safe
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