Vicky Luengo, Mireia Oriol and Paula Malia: the charm of simplicity

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Their faces are already relatives thanks to their work in some of the most successful television series in recent months.And the youth, together with some careers in full swing, make Vicky Luengo (riot), Paula Malia (Valeria) and Mireia Oriol (those of the hockey and soul, still pending premiere), in three of the actresses you must have in the radar.

Instyleles has gathered in the same photo shoot where its complicity and good vibes are evident, as well as the taste shared by a practical lifestyle and with details that make it very personal in each case.“I'm always quite comfortable;At home I like to wear pajamas and tracksuit, ”says Mireia Oriol."When I Rued I only dress with very comfortable clothes, and although I want to fix mypandemic.Vicky Luengo does recognize, on the other hand, that all this situation has made him lose a little desire to groom yourself, “although I will never forget my 30th birthday, in full confinement.I decided to celebrate it drinking a drink with my two floormates and dressed, for the first time in a long time, black as if I were going to party, ”he says laughing."But the truth is that I am used to wearing" quiet "clothes.I have started a change in my way of buying.I went from being compulsive to acquire chosen items.Now maybe my closet is not so full, but the truth is that I don't miss anything, ”he says satisfied.A pleasure, that of the inclination towards the most relaxed and select outfits, which Paula Malia also shares, recognizing that “now seen much more minimalist than before: I spent three quarters of last year's confinement with the tracksuit on;When I wanted.And share with us his current challenge: "I try to combine comfort with aesthetics", because that is also possible.Hence the three young actresses represent better than anyone the Uniqlo Lifewear philosophy, clothing designed in detail that reflects the simplicity, quality and longevity of Japanese culture.This spring-summer is also inspired by current trends such as efortless and conscious and healthy lifestyle, aspects that can be recognized in their premium linen garments, its highest quality jeans and its Sport Utility Wear collection, ideal forAn active life inside and out of home.


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Mireia Oriol

He started working as a model with 16 and left it at 20.When I was about to parade at the Fashion Week in Paris, the pressure of the previous castings and a sentimental break “made me see that this was not the life I wanted.I left it and went to London to study interpretation.The model race is very hard, it disconnects from your body, ”says the actress born in Argentona (Barcelona) in 1996.And it is very clear when he affirms that “model work, which teaches you to always be beautiful and unattainable, and playing‘ beautiful deception ’, it does not have much to do with the world of interpretation.At least as I like to understand it, and that is otherwise more than connecting directly to the truth and essential humanity ”.Mireia became well known in Catalonia thanks to her role in the series of hockey (TV3) and in the pact, the thriller in which she shared the scene with Belén Rueda and Darío Grandinetti and that for her was a first real contact with the worldprofessional.“It allowed me to understand and live the interpretation from a very honest and innocent place.It was an overwhelming and magical experience."Now stars Alma (Netflix), the series still without a premiere date and in the key of supernatural thriller directed by Sergio G.Sánchez and Kike Maíllo, and which he defines as "a bomb and an extreme challenge from the zero minute".Rolled almost entirely in Asturias, Mireia plays Alma, a girl who suffers an accident that causes her amnesia.When he returns home, he faces the need to rebuild his life and unravel his memories in a mysterious puzzle "that ends up telling a beautiful story," he says.Self -ex -ex -excess, and with the increasingly clear ideas, the actress also advances her most personal project: the production Mimi Lves London, written during the confinement of last year with David Solans, and that is “a story with aVery marked aesthetics that speaks of the search and construction of identity, my trip to London when I fled from a family conflict and an eating disorder, a love, interpretation studies and my experience in a convent of nuns whereI stayed for a while when I arrived in the British capital.Despite how dramatic it seems, it is a comedy ".And speaking of confinement, and fashion.In a more serious tone, he acknowledges that his generation is “tired of enduring, forgiving and accepting that things cannot be changed.It gives me a lot of anger and sadness ".

Paula Malia

Vicky Luengo, Mireia Oriol y Paula Malia: el encanto de la sencillez

Sociable, fun and clueless, laughs up to its shadow.This is this actress and singer born in Barcelona in 1990.“The worst of me?I am very indecisive and self -examining.I worry not to meet the expectations that I think projected on myself.It is what is known as the ‘Importor Syndrome’, ”he explains.He released his thug spirit with The Mamzelles, the music group that formed with two friends and with which two albums came to publish.“We liked to theatricalize everything with wigs and we made a very shameless show.He gave me many tables when improvising;Then I started working in theater and audiovisual.”With interpretive beginnings linked to TV3, people who come and Bah (2018) was a turning point in their career."It was a dream to participate in this movie.I had not worked for a year and to pay me the rent a thousand hours of a shopkeeper in a store in Barcelona.Suddenly, Patricia Font, the director, called me for the casting and took me.When they told me that my mother's character was going to play Carmen Maura, I almost fainted.It was a wonderful filming, ”he recalls about this film starring, among others, by Clara Lago and Álex García."Being an actress is much better than I thought.Sometimes we idealize our work too much.And in the end, as in all professions, it is based on day to day, on trusting your team and being generous.I like that.And thanks to the team spirit that is generated in the filming and in the theater companies this profession fascinates me.”It is recognized restless, fan of shirts with fun prints and lover of board games, and is proud to belong to a generation“ that has not had it easy for economic crises and that has managed to get ahead thanks to its creativity anddetermination".He confesses that he would return to work happy with Dani de la Orden (crazy for her) and Paco Caballero (the neighbor), and that he loves Carmen, his character in the Valeria series (Netflix), based on the literary saga in Valeria's shoes, by Elisabet Benavent.“I love how fun it is and that it always does things from the heart, although I can end up liking it a lot.The character is my age, and I feel that from one season he has matured, and I too.It's nice to grow with your characters."Another saga you like?"Dan Brown's novels.I would love to be Robert Langdon and travel by solving mysteries.Although I think he is already caught by Tom Hanks ”, laughs in allusion to the role of the famous actor in the Da Vinci Code.


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Vicky Luengo

He went up to a stage for the first time with fourteen years, and throughout this time he claims to have learned to stop being aware of the other's approval to focus on herself.And although he has barely stopped working since then, Vicky Luengo (Palma de Mallorca, 1990) acknowledges that his role from Lieutenant Laia Urquijo in riot, directed by Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen, has meant a before and after in her career in her career.“There have been other works that have motivated me and offered wonderful challenges.But with this series there have been several definitive elements: an incredible difficult and complex role, a group of people around me very talented and that has helped me a lot, and a very good criticism that has made an audience and recognizes my work."Reject the extreme violence as before making the series (" this work has not changed my previous emotions, "he says) and about the roles of strong women clarify that" they are poorly written characters.There are no strong women 24 h;I think this idea makes us a skinny favor.The really feminist is to see the equality of reality portrayed in fiction.People, men and women, we are a strong day and another day vulnerable ”.In addition, he confesses that he would love to continue doing characters that, like that of Lieutenant Urquijo, be complex, contradictory, "that are wrong, that they succeed, who win and lose".Of course, she feels very grateful for the moment she is living, especially in the face of being able to continue carrying out the theater tour of beginners, directed by Andrés Lima and in which she shares a scene with Javier Gutiérrez, Mónica Regueiro and Daniel Pérez Prada Prada Prada Prada Prada Prada.After a break in summer, and if nothing prevents it, he plans to resume the functions in November.To be able to do theater right now for her "is a privilege.I live it with great gratitude, although also with uncertainty, because at any time the restrictions applied to the different territories in our country can change and make a ‘bolus’ fall.But it is wonderful to verify that the public is eager to see theater and that we tell him stories to evade ”.Enjoy the ritual before each function, that time in which it is dedicated to preparing and heating the body and lives almost as a form of meditation.And although he also acknowledges that looking at the armchair in the time of pandemic is the less strange.

Vicky Luengo, Mireia Oriol and Paula Malia: the charm of simplicity
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